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Zoom-Room Beds

The Most Advanced in Concealed Bed Technology

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The Philadelphia 5 Counties
South & Central New Jersey

Serving the Philadelphia 5 Counties

Zoom-Room Beds

The Most Advanced in Concealed Bed Technology

Zoom-Room-Bed-Ani.gifWhat are Zoom-Room beds?

Zoom-Room beds are the most technologically advanced concealed beds available on the market today. The memory foam matress, typically queen size, is stored vertically in the cabinetry. When the bed is needed, it rolls out from behind the cabinet with a click of the remote control button. When finished with the bed, simply click the remote control once more, and voila, you have a beautiful wall unit that can be used as the focal point of any room. Due to the construction of the system, the cabinetry looks less like a concealed bed than any other type of similar system.

Why do I need a Zoom-Room bed?

There are many reason why a Zoom-Room bed is extremely desirable. First, the memory foam matress is of high quality and allows for a great nights sleep. Second, due to the design of the mechanism, the cabinetry looks much more like a beautifully designed piece of furniture created as a media or entertainment center, storage for art or photographs and momentos, and less like a concealed bed. And don't forget, a bed that extends and retracts at the push of a button is not only quite useful for someone who cannot easily operate a more traditional, manual, concealed bed system, but it's really cool!

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