The Ultimate Way To Accommodate Extra Guests This Summer

Summer potentially leaves us all with more time to travel, which means you might be entertaining overnight guests at your home—whether your family is staying with you or you’re hosting out-of-town friends for a weekend.

Creating a permanent guest room in your house, however, may not always be realistic. You might be short on space or are hesitant to dedicate an entire room to guest quarters you’ll use just a handful of times each year.

Unfortunately other sleeping options, such as an air mattress or a pull-out sofa, can be problematic and inconvenient, as well as uncomfortable. In addition, many sleep options are not always attractive or welcoming. To ensure that your guests get a comfortable and restful night’s sleep, here are some creative and attractive ways to make your own dual-purpose space.

Multipurpose Room Ideas

Sliding bookcase Murphy bed open and bed pulled down

Multipurpose Room Ideas With a Murphy Bed

murphy bed is a clever way to add a comfortable place to sleep so it’s there when you need it, and is stowed away when you don’t. What’s especially useful about Murphy beds is all of the options available to you. You’re not only adding a place to sleep, but also storage or shelf-space for your library or collections.

For example, you can create a custom wall unit with cabinets and shelves. Open the bi-fold doors in the center of the wall to reveal a bed that pulls down. The surrounding cabinets, shelves and drawers can house bedding and supplies for your overnight guests.

Bifold Murphy bed open with surrounding cabinetry

It’s not practical to create a permanent guest room if you use it just a few times a year—especially if you’d be better served to create a home office. Instead, you can create a custom home office with a desk and murphy bed. When it’s not in use, the bed’s cabinet matches the other furniture exactly and fits seamlessly into the room.

Murphy bed opened in organized office space

Whether you need to display books or decorative items, shelves that slide away to reveal a Murphy bed are also an option for your home office, den or hobby room. When your guests are ready to sleep, simply slide the bookshelves to either side and pull down the Murphy bed.

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