3 Must-Have Organization Ideas for Your Craft Room

Crafts mean different things to different people, so craft room storage is definitely not one-size-fits-all. Maybe you knit or crochet, or perhaps sewing is what you prefer. Beadwork, painting, or any other hobby has its own distinct supplies and tools. So you need a solution that’s designed specifically for your needs, and one that both controls clutter and keeps everything handy and accessible.

Luckily, custom storage is what The Closet Works does best. When you work with our designers, you’ll find possibilities that you didn’t know existed. Some of them are standard items, some of them are not, but everything works together in a system that’s uniquely yours.

#1: Cubbies Are Brilliant

Humble cubbies don’t get as much respect as they deserve. Left open, they’re spots where you can tuck away yarns, fabrics, papers, and almost anything else that’s stackable. You can also use them as display areas, or small shelves to hold containers.

Add baskets or boxes, and cubbies transform into easy-access spaces that keep supplies contained. Imagine dozens of bottles of craft paint sitting on a cubby shelf. They’re easy to knock over. Now imagine that they’re just as easy to reach, but safely kept inside a basket that you can pull out to find what you need.

Cubbies can take up a small area or line an entire wall. You can also design the size that you need, whether it’s a classic square or a longer shelf where you can stack poster board, canvases or other large items.

Organization Ideas for Craft Room

#2: The Right Work Station Makes a Difference

Many craft rooms have a plain table and a chair or two. That’s fine, but it’s not as good as you can get. Your work station should be designed for the type of crafts that you pursue. For example, a sewing table might be smaller. But if you quilt, you’ll need a lot of surface area to keep your piecework from sliding onto the floor.

Ample flat surfaces also give you room for equipment. For scrapbooking, you might use an old-fashioned paper cutter and a Cricut machine. You’ll also need room for a computer and printer. The best thing about a craft room designed by you and The Closet Works is that you don’t have to settle for something that’s not exactly right. If you need a table that’s 14 feet long and 3 feet deep with file cabinets underneath, that’s just what you’ll get.

Organized craft room workspace and desk area with stools

#3: Hidden Craft Storage Keeps the Room Neat

While a lot of your craft supplies will probably stay in view — after all, it’s a craft room — you probably don’t want everything exposed all the time. Rolls of paper or canvas, extra glues and paints, and some bigger tools that you don’t often use need a home, and what’s where storage cabinets come in handy.

You could opt for one cabinet, or a row of them. They could be bare inside, or contain shelves. Or maybe your dream is to create a combination system with cubbies, drawers, rollouts… pretty much anything you can think of. Whatever you envision for your space, your storage in your choice of materials and color, from fire-engine red to a natural wood grain, is possible.

Organized craft room with deep cabinet drawers and workspace

Craft rooms are the heart of creativity, and creativity is a worthwhile endeavor. According to the American Craft Council, some of the greatest minds in the world are and have been artists of some sort. For example, Louis Pasteur was an accomplished painter. Many Nobel Prize winners have also been artistically talented.

When designing a craft room, don’t settle for any old thing. If it’s a room where you plan to create something that gives you joy, it’s worth more than an afterthought in furnishings. The best part is that when you work with The Closet Works, you get the best quality at a price that’s so affordable, you might not expect it.

Keep dreaming, keep creating, and contact us for a free, in-home design consultation for your craft room storage.