5 Ways to Organize & Protect Your Jewelry

Jewelry is fun to wear and collect, but a pain to store and protect. Every time you want to match the perfect necklace to an outfit, you’ve got to untangle pendants and beads. Earrings can so easily get lost—good luck trying to match one with the other if you’re in a hurry. And precious rings are small enough to lose easily if you don’t put them back in a spot you know is safe.

Finding the right place to organize and protect your jewelry cannot only help you save time, it’ll also help your jewelry maintain its value—whether it’s a fun costume bangle that you love wearing again and again or a pricey pair of diamond earrings that are a staple in your wardrobe

Here are a few storage and organization ideas to help you protect your precious accessories from dust, tangles and tarnishes.

1. Keep everyday rings at hand
2. Decorate with a beautiful jewelry box
3. Try drawer insert to organize everything.
4. Showcase jewelry with a tabletop display
5. Hang your favorite necklaces and bracelets in a custom cabinet

2 tier lucite drawer insert designed to protect jewelries


1. Keep everyday rings at hand

Your everyday rings should be within easy reach of your dressing area. A small, decorative ring dish with a center post can keep your rings in place and add a little bit of flare to wherever you get ready in the morning.

2. Decorate with a beautiful jewelry box

If you’ve got the space on your dresser or on an island in your closet, store some jewelry in a jewelry box. A small jewelry box is a great place to store your most important jewelry such as pieces that have been passed down through your family or those you reserve for special occasions.

Most boxes are primarily decorative, and only realistically hold a limited number of items. You might choose to store only your best pieces here in a dry, fabric-lined jewelry box—a few necklaces and bracelets and a ring or two. Just make sure your best baubles don’t overlap or touch other pieces and become tangled, which could lead to scratches or discoloration.

3. Try drawer inserts to organize everything

Costume jewelry is incredibly popular and for good reason; much of it is reasonably priced, making it easy to purchase pieces to match a bunch of outfits. This leads to one problem…organizing it all.

If you’ve got a custom walk-in closet, you can add drawer organizers for different types of jewelry. Give each piece or pair of earrings its own compartment.

  • Velvet drawer organizers offer storage for fine jewelry and allow you to easily see everything you have while protecting precious metals. Organize your rings and a few bracelets and necklaces here.
  • Tiered acrylic drawer inserts are for the jewelry-loving fashionista! These clear organizers allow you to separate and stack jewelry to maximize space.

custom jewelry drawer insert protecting jewelries
4. Showcase jewelry with a tabletop display

If you’ve built a dream walk-in closet with a center island or dresser top space, show off some of your fun costume jewelry with a necklace or bracelet display. You can choose a traditional velvet necklace display to show off a large pendant or station necklace. Or, for added storage, try a tabletop stand with room for plenty of bangles, bracelets and chains.

5. Hang your favorite necklaces and bracelets in a custom cabinet

If something custom is more your style, a jewelry and accessory cabinet can provide plenty of space to hang necklaces and bracelets on the back of a door. This velvet-lined organizer makes precious metals pop, keeps necklaces in place and protects stones from scratching.  The small compartments below it are perfect for storing scarves or other small accessories.

walk in closet with vertical pull out jewelry cabinet

Whatever your style, you can keep your jewelry organized and protected a little better by adding storage to your bedroom or closet. By giving each piece its own space you’ll cut down on the time it takes to find the perfect coordinating piece for your outfit.

If you’re interested in learning more about custom jewelry storage solutions, contact us for a free consultation.