6 Awesome Custom Closet Features To Turn Your Closet from Good to Great

Not only will a custom closet finally give you space to stash all your clothes—it can give you a proper spot to put all your other “stuff.” There are tons of neat features and accessories you can include in your custom closet design that’ll keep you more organized.

Here are some closet features that can turn a good closet into a great closet.

1. A Valet Bar

You’ve just spent a small fortune on your weekly dry cleaning bill to refresh your most expensive clothes. You arrive home with your pile of unwieldy, plastic-covered clothes, and eager to get them off your hands, you shove them in your closet. But rather than hang your pricey blouses, jackets, skirts and pants on wire hangers covered with foam or paper, your most expensive items really should live on your nice hangers.

A valet bar in your closet area can make this task easy—no more throwing clothes on your bed, removing the plastic and re-hanging them. Instead, hang them neatly on the valet bar when you get home, remove the plastic and place them on your good hangers. It’s that simple.

pull out valet bar with hanging suit jackets

2. A Built-In or Tilt-Out Hamper

A closet should be a place to keep your clean clothes and accessories—but what about when your clothes are ready for the laundry? A built-in hamper is the kind of detail you might not think about before you design your custom closet, but you might not be able to live without after you have it. Dirty clothes are concealed and they have a dedicated space that’s not in the way. When you’re ready to start laundry, you can remove the basket of your tilt-out or slide-out hamper easily.

Men's tilt-out hamper in reach-in closet

3. Hooks

Seems simple, but hooks are an easy way to provide a spot for everything in your closet. Hooks make it easy to store hats and bags, or even clothes you plan to wear again soon. Hooks also provide the perfect spot for your plush robe. Rather than tossing them on the floor, or folding them up, placing them on your bed or dresser, and then moving them from place to place—just hang them up. Hooks come in all shapes and sizes, and can fit the overall style of your closet.

Water Fall Hook Organizing Shirts

4. Dedicated Shoe Storage

There is no bigger closet disaster than trying to find a place to store all your shoes. Keeping them on the floor will ultimately lead to a pile of shoes at the bottom of your closet. If you’ve tried a shoe rack, you know that your heels don’t stay put and your shoes often fall right off the rack.

Shelves for your high heels or nice shoes help them keep their shape and keep them displayed so you can easily see all your shoes. Cubbies are a good complement to shelves and can store your sneakers, flats, sandals and flip-flops. With dedicated shoe storage you’ll feel like royalty every time you step in your closet.

men tilt out hamper feature in a custom closet cabinet

5. Belt and Tie Racks

If you own and wear several belts you likely scramble to find the right one among many in the back of your sock or underwear drawer. Or, if you’re really enterprising, you might hook all of your belts on the top of a hanger. This makes getting ready especially frantic, as you remove seven or eight belts to get to the one you want to wear each morning.

The same goes for ties—if you own several ties, there’s a good chance they’re balled up in a drawer. If they’re in your closet, they might be shoved into a closet rack or even, sadly, onto a few hangers.

Belt and tie racks add that dash of organization to your closet that once again gives everything a place of its own. You can easily find whichever belt or tie you’re looking for.

Slide out belt rack feature with three hanging belts

6. A Fold-Out Ironing Board

Nothing disrupts your early morning routine more than finding that the blouse you want to wear is wrinkled (should’ve used that valet bar). Now, you’ve got to plug in the iron and wait, get out the awkward ironing board and listen to the shriek it makes as you unfold it, and then press your clothes before you can start your day.

fold out ironing board featured in custom closet

A fold-out ironing board isn’t going to magically make your clothes wrinkle-free, but it will make the task of ironing slightly less painful. And when you’re done, the ironing board folds up into your closet and out of sight.

These custom closet features are the types of details that can transform your clothing and accessory storage from average to awesome. If you’re interested in a custom closet design, contact The Closet Works.