8 Habits of Organized People

Everyone has at least one incredibly organized friend, relative or co-worker. It’s that person who always knows details about a meeting at work, what time dinner starts or where the phone charger is. If she doesn’t know the answer immediately, there’s a great chance she’s got a system for finding out quickly.

Organized people tend to be less stressed and more efficient. Rather than running around the house looking for keys, they know exactly where they are. They also have a clear method for arranging their house and accomplishing new things.

Ask Your Questions to Keep Your Closet Organized

Those who don’t consider themselves the most systematic might envy friends with these good habits; however, anyone can learn how to be more organized with a little work.

Here are the top habits of organized people.

1. They set goals.

Whether it’s a daily goal or a long-term career objective, organized people understand that setting goals is the best way to move forward. Goals help you stay focused and motivated to keep moving, and help you avoid procrastination. They’ll also help you check progress—if you know you want to buy a new house, for example, creating a savings timeline will help you outline a clear path for getting there.

2. They create to-do lists.

There’s nothing worse than reaching the end of a long day and realizing that you forgot to do something important—like pay a bill or respond to a critical email. Creating a to-do list, whether for the day or the week, helps you keep track of everything you need to do. And bonus: It’ll help you feel more accomplished every time you check a box or cross one thing off the list.

3. They develop routines.

You’ve got a much better chance of accomplishing what you want—and creating free time for yourself—if you develop routines. Work out every morning. Pay your bills each Sunday. Pack your lunch the night before. Finding the best time for tasks each day will allow you to put more energy and focus into more important things.

4. They have a spot for everything.

Those who are organized create space for their belongings—whether it’s a kitchen drawer organizer where you know you can always find a pair of scissors or a designated tack board where you pin your receipts until they are filed. Having a spot for everything helps you avoid wasting time.

drawer insert neatly organizing closet accessories

5. They don’t make paper piles.

No matter how much you try to go paperless, you probably still get important statements, bills and letters in the mail, at work or at school. A sure-fire way to forget to act on that important 401(k) statement or student loan bill is to put it in a pile in your office. Organized people understand that minimizing clutter reduces stress and helps you avoid missing out on something critical. Instead, many of them seek out custom organization solutions that work for them.

home office neatly organized and digitized

6. They seek out simple tools.

Organized people understand how using tools—both hi-tech and low-tech—can help them. Whether it’s a list-making app for the grocery store, hooks by the door for your school bag and coat, a drawer organizer for your scarves or slide-out baskets for your pantry, simple tools can help you keep things where they belong.

custom shoe shelves with fences organizing loafers in a closet organizer

7. They put things back where they belong.

When you’re done wearing your running shoes, put them back in your closet. Your sunglasses belong in their case on cloudy days. And your keys belong on the hook inside your door. When you force yourself to put things back where they belong, rather than in piles around your house, you avoid a massive cleanup effort at some point in your week.

8. They purge things often.

Knowing what you have, what you need and what you can purge is key to staying organized. This applies to everything from your clothes and shoes to pantry items to books and office supplies. If you’re organized, you periodically take some time to assess your jeans, for example, and donate what you no longer need. This can help you avoid buying duplicates and get more use out of what you already have.

We can’t help you set goals and create to-do lists, but we can help get a more organized closet, office, kitchen or mudroom. Reach out to us about custom organization solutions that’ll help you find a place for everything.