Best Closet Design Ideas

When it comes down to it, the best closet design ideas are those which are functional and work for you. Everyone’s goals are different and organization preferences can be very personal. They say necessity is the mother of invention and that is certainly true when you’re tasked with accommodating a wide range of needs. Innovation is the name of the game for custom work and turns challenges into triumphs.

Here are some of the best and most creative closet design ideas to consider when you need something a step above traditional solutions.


creative walk in closet design with sitting

Custom Jewelry Cabinet

Depending on the type of jewelry you have and how often you access it, a custom jewelry cabinet might be just the thing to finally wrangle that collection from an unmanageable mess into a showcase. Multiple slide-out tiers give you the space to group items together by outfit, season or type. Even a single velvet lined drawer insert will help you properly store and organize all of your pieces from necklaces, broaches and earrings to watches and bracelets. Locks installed on each drawer keep your collection safe and secure.

Jewelry cabinet within walk-in closet

Flip-Up Vanity

A flip-up vanity is the perfect place to get ready for the day. When closed, the vanity can be used as a counter with all of your cosmetics organized in the built-in compartment or drawers. When it’s time to do your hair, apply make-up or select jewelry, the top flips open and converts into a properly-lit mirrored area. Looking your best is quick and easy.

Custom walk-in closet idea with flip up vanity

Full Height Vertical Pull Out

One of the best and most creative closet design solutions is a velvet lined vertical pull out. They are extremely functional and allow accessories like necklaces, belts and scarves to be hung to keep from getting tangled. Lucite cubbies keep small items visible and reachable. A few inches of space might not seem like much and can often go unused. But this option optimizes that available space and gives you storage for dozens of items.

Full height vertical pull out walk-in closet idea


Sliding Doors

Sliding doors provide a stylish and beautiful accent to any project. Available in a variety of materials and with numerous laminated glass options, they are great way to stylishly conceal the contents of your closet. Mirrors are also available and are a great choice when trying to make the room seem larger or so you can do away with a floor-standing mirror. Sliding doors are great everywhere, and especially where space for a swinging door may be tight such as a pantry, for a wardrobe or in an entryway mudroom.

Sliding door idea for reach in closet

Some unique challenges require the experience and creativity of a professional. Experts who keep up on the latest trends, products and color palette options bring your vision to life. If you are ready and need some help, our Designers are ready to come to you. Schedule a free in-home consultation and explore the possibilities.