Best Price Guarantee

The Closet Works, Inc. guarantees our retail customers the best possible price on any melamine custom closet system. We will beat any competitor’s price based on a true “apples to apples” comparison. In order for this guarantee to be valid, our Designer must be given the original drawings and design plus the original price quotation for any other closet company to review. No photocopies are acceptable. (Not because we don’t trust you, but even though it’s hard to believe, some unscrupulous individuals have tried to pull a fast one!)

Our Designer will then point out any difference in the proposals and either beat the price or quote on the other company’s design to demonstrate exactly how we really compare, taking into consideration all variables such as design, case material, drawer box material, edges, door and drawer front construction, color, textures, etc. If for any reason we choose not to beat the price (those scoundrels again), we will give you a lovely free gift for your trouble.