10 Reasons to Remodel Your Home Closets

The best home improvement projects make life easier for the homeowner, preserve his or her belongings, and increase the value of the house. Remodeling your home closets will achieve all of these results through:

woman lying frustrated in unorganized pile of clothes

Improved Illumination

Incandescent lighting increases the risk of fires and causes colors to fade, so consider installing new light fixtures to keep your clothing safe and beautiful. Fluorescent and ESL lights produce fewer UV rays and thus reduce fading, but your best bet is to use LEDs, which release no UV radiation and thus have no effect on the color of your clothes.

Reduced Risks

Besides incandescent bulbs, frayed wires can also cause fires if they come into contact with your clothes. Consider remodeling your closet to create space to hang your wires, separating them from your clothes making it easier to check for fraying.

Smart Use of Space

Renovating your closet not only creates more space but also helps you to use existing space more effectively. By installing a shoe rack and a set of shelves, you can devote every inch of closet space to storage. Shelves also make it easier to organize your clothes, reducing the time it takes to dress.

Custom pull out closet shelving sized perfectly for shoes

Viable Visibility

Installing a set of shelves also makes it easier to keep clothes from blocking each other. Depending on how much hanging space you need, you can install shelves above or below the hangers, ensuring that hanging clothes will never be a barrier to visibility.

Air Flow Accommodation

If you don’t ventilate your closet, moisture and stale air will build up, giving your clothes a bad smell and making it easier for mold, mildew, and insects to attack your belongings. To improve air flow, install a programmable fan in your closet and set it to turn on and off periodically. This will freshen the air and prevent seeds and spores from settling.

Closet Design Ideas

Savvy Sliding

If your closet door opens outward, you’ll have to keep all of the space near the door clear, sacrificing a large portion of your closet. If you fail to keep that area clear, the door will drag any clothes in its path, damaging them. Instead, install a set of sliding doors.

Decoration Discovery

Besides taking up space, doors can also block your view of the closet’s interior, preventing closet decorations and beautiful clothes from making the room beautiful. Consider installing a window in the side of the door to get the most out of your closet aesthetically. Just make sure the window is made of Low-E glass, which will allow sunlight in but will prevent UV light from fading your clothes.

Easy Ironing

Installing a collapsible ironing board is a great way to make the most of larger closets. It won’t take up any space when it’s folded up, and if you do all of your ironing in your closet, you can hang shirts as soon as you’ve pressed them. An ironing board can also serve as a table for folding laundry.

fold out ironing board in laundry room closet

Manifest Mirrors

Consider installing a mirror on your closet walls. Not only will this allow you to try on clothes without leaving the closet, but it will also open up the room, making a small closet look big.

Diligent Division

Dividing a closet in two will make living with your spouse, significant other, or roommate easier. Make sure each side of the closet has the same amenities and space and designate one side to each person.

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