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3 Home Organization Projects to Add to Your Spring To-Do List

As you begin to clean and tidy up around the house this spring, you may find that you need better solutions in certain areas of your home in order to truly get well organized. You don’t have to be as meticulous as Martha Stewart to live clutter-free. You just need to take advantage of the space that you have and the organizing systems that are available.

Here are three project ideas for your home to get you started on the right path to organization.

Mudroom and entryway project organized with family gear

1. Help Your Mudroom Keep out Springtime Mess

A mudroom often collects things that you don’t want elsewhere in the house. That includes muddy boots, wet umbrellas, hats, backpacks, and the like. Evaluate the space where your family enters and leaves your home and make a list of the various things that should be kept there. Your goal is that everything becomes, and is kept, accessible and organized. So your next consideration is deciding whether to have open storage or conceal items behind doors and in drawers. This ensures that the space always looks organized and presentable should others use that entrance to your home.

Once you take the time to fully understand the scope of everything that is best stored in this area of your home, you can work with a Designer to create a system that works best for your each member of your family. For example, if you have children that are in sports or after school activities, you could add hooks and cubbies so they can easily reach, store, and swap their bookbag and school shoes for cleats and jackets. A bench serves a dual purpose providing additional storage and a place to put on and take off shoes. An all-season utility rug is great to keep the entryway floors clean.

With a carefully considered and well-designed mudroom system, specifically created for the way you and your family live, you can be comfortable that everything will have a place and it will be so easy to put things back in their designated space so that messy appearance will be a thing of the past.

Mudroom and entryway project with sports gear organized

2. Get Your Garage in Shape for Summer

A Thompson’s Company study shows that 52% of homeowners want to have a garage that their neighbor’s envy. A US Dept of Energy study shows that 25% of homes with 2 car garages do not park their cars at all in the garage due to clutter. There are so many so many organizational possibilities with a custom designed garage storage system, a clutter-free garage is within reach.

First, it’s time to sort and declutter. Getting organized sometimes means you have to “be ruthless.” That applies to garage storage as much as it does to other areas of your home. After you’ve purged items you no longer need, you can realistically evaluate what needs to be stored. You can create systems with cabinets and drawers and baskets for things like sports equipment and toys. You can best determine which tools and supplies need to be on shelves, in cabinets or hung on the wall. Locked cabinets may be needed for dangerous items to ensure they don’t fall into the wrong hands or paws. There are specialized solutions for all types of sporting equipment including racks for golf clubs, sport shoes, surfboards, skis or tennis gear. What ever you have, there is a good, efficient and accessible way to store it.

Speaking of tools, why not make this the year when you create a real work bench? Add tool storage where cords never tangle and all of your hardware, supplies, hand tools and power tools are always easy to find and reach. A storeWALL system is great for storing hoses, large garden tools, beach gear and other items that can be placed in adjustable baskets mounted to the slat wall system. There are even hooks for bikes, to finally get them off of the floor.

If you are concerned with clearance for swinging cabinet doors next to your car or other items in the garage, never fear. Cabinets with sliding doors are a quick fix to that problem! Imagine opening the garage door and pulling in without worrying about running over your kid’s bike or your golf clubs.

Garage home organization project with tools hung on wall system

3. Turn Your Closets into Organizational Dynamos

Many people swap out winter clothing for spring and summer either by swapping them to front or back positions in the closet or moving them to an entirely different storage area in the home when the seasons change. What a pain! But instead of having to go through that exercise twice a year or more, wouldn’t it be wonderful if your existing closets could be reconfigured to make that task unnecessary? And if the closet space available truly is not enough for all your things, consider building a free-standing wardrobe near the closet. It can be configured to hold anything you might need more space for and anything you would store in a traditionally constructed closet.

Professional closet organization can maximize your storage space. Instead of a plain rod and bare walls above a shelf, you could have cabinets, shoe racks, cubbies and dual hanging rods. A custom designed system of components addresses all of your specific needs. Everything can be accessible, un-scrunched and wrinkle-free because items are not crammed together.

You might find that there’s no need to haul sweaters to the attic because there’s new space inside your closet. The more wall space you use, the more you can store. And Martha Stewart says using aromatic herbs inside such as lavender can help keep everything smelling fresh.

While you are at it and in an organizing mood, consider an organizational system for other areas in your home. You could create amazing storage and new functionality in the laundry room, guest room or even a temperature-controlled attic.

Organized laundry room with cabinets and baskets

If you need more efficient storage for your mudroom, garage or closets, you’ve got a lot of options at The Closet Works. We want to work with you to design beautifully well-made, custom organization systems that fit your home, your lifestyle and all of your belongings. It’s surprisingly affordable, too, and your choices are virtually limitless. Schedule a free design or remote consultation today and let our experienced Designers create the organized space you have always wanted.


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