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By: Closet Works Inc. on December 31st, 2015

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3 Home Organization Trends to Embrace in 2016


Home organization

Sometimes the best home storage solutions aren't the most common, and that's because common is easy to mass market. The big trends - the ones that are likely to take off - deal much more with real convenience, simplicity, quality and beauty. Where those four elements converge, that's where you'll find the top home organization trends for 2016.

From controlling clutter to custom closet solutions so clever that you'll want them right now, here are our top three trends for the coming year.

1. His and Hers Closets

Home organization trendsIt's all about he said / she said, especially in master bedroom closets. One of the biggest trends, according to the real estate website, Zillow, is a closet where all of his things are exactly as he likes them, and all of her things are as she likes. In practice, this means a closet space where each user has the features that work for his or her needs.

The goal is creating a closet space that's as unique as the people who use it every day. There's no room for cookie cutters here. The great thing about this trend is that with The Closet Works, we can take two very different approaches to organization and blend them together seamlessly because everything is custom.

2. Total Clutter Control

In case you hadn't heard, clutter is out. That doesn't mean you have to toss out everything. It just means that if it's worth keeping, it really deserves a space all its own. Premium home builder, Starkey Ranch, says that's one of the pivotal keys to keeping an organized home. Without a dedicated storage spot, anything and everything can land almost anywhere. But if everything has a home, it's much easier to put things away.

One of the areas where we excel is creating the right storage and organization systems for you. When you pull a pre-made organizer out of a box, you have to learn to live within its dimensional constraints. But when you approach it from the opposite direction, the system is designed for your things and the way that you live. That makes a lot more sense.

3. Wide Open Spaces

Home organization trends When you think about the traditional storage solutions, many of them have doors that conceal. And in some parts of your home, that's probably still important. But visibility is another big trend for 2016. So if you can, opt for a more open storage area.

However, you can put sliding doors where and when you need them for dust control, security, etc. Consider using glass inserts, either clear, patterned or textured, which can give you a more open and interesting look.

Open shelves, pull-out baskets and other storage accessories that improve visibility make finding your things much easier. Zillow also says that spotlight lighting is something to think about this year. It looks interesting, much more than typical overhead lighting, and it highlights individual areas where you need lighting the most.

Home organization trends Trends come and go, but the best ones turn into classics. It doesn't happen by accident. When something works, you want to keep it. That's why storage and organization systems from The Closet Works are such an important addition to your home. Simply put, they work. And they work because what goes into your home was designed and built just for you.

If you're serious about getting organized and conquering clutter, download our ebook: Transcendental Organization. You'll learn tricks and hacks that you never knew you never knew, and find the best ways to implement them in your home.

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