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By: Closet Works Inc. on January 26th, 2016

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3 Tips for Turning Your Messy Garage into an Organized Storage Space


Garages get so little respect. Most are cramped with an array of practically anything that doesn't have a place inside the house. And some are so disorganized that the real purpose -- a home for vehicles -- isn't realized at all. But garage storage solutions change all of that.

If you're tired of opening the garage door and seeing a project that you'd rather not tackle, now is the time to tackle it. With the help of the experienced designers at The Closet Works and a little fine-tuning, this neglected space can function as it was intended to.

Here are 3 tips on how to organize your garage space.

1. Sort everything in the garage.
2. Create a general storage plan
3. Make everything look great

Garage tools organized and neatly hung on hooks

#1: Sort Everything in the Garage

Most garages are home to a lot more than vehicles and vehicle-related things. Before you can organize your garage, you need to know precisely what you have and what you want to keep. Tossing unused items is a great first step. Then start by collecting similar items in specific areas. Sports equipment and holiday decorations need their own groups, as do lawn and garden supplies, tools and everything else that you keep in your garage.

Once you've organized your belongings into groups, HGTV says that's the time to decide on the best and most logical places to store them.

For example, seasonal items work best in less accessible areas, since they're used less often and can take up a lot of space. Tools and sports equipment might need to stay handier, while bikes could hang from a rack, taking advantage of unused, overhead space. At this point, the rough plan that you created when organizing your groups will begin to take shape.

Car parked in organized garage storage space with clean floor, cabinets and custom shelving

#2: Create a General Storage Plan

Once you have a general outline, it's time to consider all of your storage options. Your designer at The Closet Works can take the right measurements and show you what cabinetry and accessories are available to facilitate this process. No matter what you like, the components that you choose will be created in the dimensions that you need so that everything fits perfectly. It's important to note that unlike other companies, The Closet Works designs garage cabinetry in a slightly different manner, to provide for the extra heavy and bulky items that are usually stored there.

For the garage storage solutions available, there's actually no limit to your options. There are open shelving systems, closed cabinets, work benches, wall storage systems and all types of item specific accessories that can make storing large or awkward items a breeze.

Cabinets with a work bench top (that can be constructed of butcher block, plywood, HPL, or LPL) provide a flat surface for your projects, whatever they may be. By utilizing drawers, and wall mounted tool racks you can keep everything you need close at hand, organized and easy to find.

Engstrom garage with items neatly stored and organized on rack system, sliding cabinets and pull out drawers

#3: Make Everything Look Great

Of course, your garage design will have functionality as a prime consideration, however that doesn't have to mean that aesthetics are sacrificed. We have a wide variety of garage storage solutions that are every bit as good looking as they are durable and functional, the choice is yours.

With over 80 material finishes to choose from, you can customize your project to suit your individual tastes and budget.

Beuatiful organized garage space with Vertical cabinets, wall mounted systems, roll-outs and specialized hooks

You can create real garage envy amongst your neighbors by having The Closet Works design and install an amazing system taking functionality, aesthetics and safety into account. Although we haven't mentioned it, making sure you keep dangerous chemicals and tools away from children is critical. Implementing cabinets and drawers with locks can prevent unnecessary grief.

Schedule a free design consultation with The Closet Works today. We can help you transform your disorganized garage into something that will make your neighbors pea-green with envy.


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