Just In Time for the Holidays – Your 30-Day Organization Checklist

With the holidays nearly upon us, it’s a great time to tackle home organization with an easy-to-follow checklist. A checklist can help you keep tasks organized in your mind, which, in turn, can keep you on track. By utilizing checklists at work and at home, you can avoid making mistakes and focus your mental energy on higher-priority projects. That way, you can enjoy your holidays with a sense of peace.

Checklists are a Valuable Way to Organize and Declutter Your Home

We know that having a ready-made checklist can cut your organizational work in half! Knowing where to start on any project is often hard and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Many homes have multiple rooms, and within those rooms are endless organization decisions to be made. In the primary bedroom for example, do you start with the closet, the dresser, or under the bed? From there, the choices to tidying vary – just deciding which path to take can lead to more stress. We want our organization process to prevent stress through a simple and efficient process.

We each have individual needs, and as an organizational method to meet those needs, a catch-all checklist is a great template to use because you can adjust it accordingly.

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Why Download Our 30-Day Home Organization Checklist?

The holidays are hectic and fast approaching. Being able to tackle the organization process with a simple, day-by-day plan is a great way to ease the stress. You’ll be able to gradually declutter while also feeling better about your home in the process.

Rather than allocate large chunks of time over the course of a few days to decluttering, you can do this important work in bite-sized chunks. You can finally get ahead of home organization, once and for all. Your checklist, your rules. Simply start any day of the month and work through your house, room by room, closet by closet. Our team of expert designers and staff have tested this checklist, whereas other lists found online may not be as scrutinized.

Giving Back to Those in Need During the Holidays

As you follow the checklist, it’s an ideal time of year to use your decluttering efforts to help someone less fortunate. This is a difficult time for many Americans, and every gesture counts. As you move through each room, consider what gently-used items or clothes you don’t use, collect them and take them to a local charity, church, or organization.

Your 30-Day Checklist Is Right Here!

Download this PDF and print it out, or just save it to your phone, so you stay on track to becoming more organized. At the end of 30 days, you’ll have a house that’s less cluttered than before.

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At The Closet Works, our team of professionals can assess and assist you to find the right solution for your organizational needs. To learn more about organization and how an effective custom storage solution can transform your home, reach out to us for a free in-home design consultation. Qualified personnel with years of industry experience are waiting to help answer any questions you may have.

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