Walk In closet neatly organized

4 Fixes to Free Up Space Around Your House

After a long day of work, running errands and grocery shopping, you arrive home to find a pile of shoes near the door in your mudroom and a coat and hoodie hung on the back of a kitchen chair. It’s a common scene—and one that makes your home look and feel cluttered.

That feeling likely extends throughout your home, from your entryway to your closets and even your home office. It’s a result of not having the right storage—or enough of it—in your house. But taking a hard look at the “drop zones” in your home, plus the spots that feel a little too cluttered, can help you determine what needs to change to free up space and make your house feel more open and organized.   

Here are our four fixes to free up space around your house.

Organized walk-in closet with double hanging and shoe shelves

Add storage with these accessories


Whether it’s freeing up space in your walk-in closet or near your front door, adding heavy duty hooks to your home is a low effort way to keep coats, work bags, purses, the dog leash, a hat or virtually anything else off the floor, a table or the back of a chair—make your home look a little less cluttered.

Hooks come in all sizes and styles—they’re functional and can blend in with your decor.

Walk in closets with belts hung on hooks and clothes folded on shelves

Shelves or double hanging in your reach-in closets

Chances are, when you open the door to your reach-in closet and look up, you can see plenty of empty space above your single closet rod. Take advantage of this space by using multiple closet rods to create different levels of hanging storage—some for long dresses and pants hung by the cuff, some for short skirts, pants hung over hangers and blouses. You can also add a shelf above long hanging storage and shelves above or below short hanging sections. You’ll create a more organized look and free up some space elsewhere in your closet or bedroom.

Reach in closet with double hanging and custom shelves

Shoe storage in your mudroom or entryway

If your entryway frequently has a mound of shoes near it, solve the problem by adding storage rather than forcing every member of your family to put his or her shoes back in their bedroom closet every day. Let’s get real—that’s a chore that’s difficult to enforce and can just add to your daily stress!

Instead, try adding cubbies or shelves and a bench near your mudroom or entryway door so you can easily store shoes and other everyday necessities. It’ll make leaving for school or work a bit easier—and it’ll look neat, too.

Mudroom with sports equipment organized and jackets hung on hooks

A Murphy bed

Okay, this is a big change—but it can truly transform a room. If you need to free up space in a bedroom, home office or bonus room, but you also need it to function as a bedroom, try adding a Murphy bed.

Today’s Murphy beds are easy to use and can incorporate tons of additional storage like bookcases, drawers and cabinets. When the bed isn’t in use you and your guests see only books, decorative items or even a TV. Then, when you need a place to sleep, simply slide the bookcases and easily pull down the Murphy bed.


If you’re interested in freeing up some serious space in an entryway, closet, office, pantry or bedroom, let us help! We can make recommendations during a free, in-home consultation and transform your home with custom organization.

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