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4 Things that Could Go Wrong with a DIY Custom Closet Project

They make it look so easy on television, but installing a DIY closet system is one of those projects that can go horribly wrong. Part of the problem is that off-the-shelf closet organizers aren’t designed for your home. They come in stock sizes that kind of fit some spaces, but don’t fit any one perfectly. A custom closet is perfect for your space because that’s how it’s designed.

Before you jump in and take on a DIY custom closet project, remember that not everything is as simple as it looks.

Couple putting together a DIY Custom Closet

Here are some of the things that might happen if you do your DIY project alone.

1. Measurements Gone Awry
2. Wobbly, Crooked Bars And Shelves
3. Accidental Injuries
4. Back To Square One

1. Measurements Gone Awry

A tape measure seems like a pretty straightforward device. It is, but using one to get the right measurements for a new DIY closet system can make you think otherwise. It’s not just about measuring the space. Getting the right measurements and making calculations based on the dimensions of your new components can prove to be a challenge.

When you work with a professional closet designer, everything in your new custom closet will fit like it should. You won’t have gaps, hanging bars will fit just right, and you won’t have to push and shove to hopefully squeeze in a shelf or set of drawers that’s 1/2 inch too wide.

2. Wobbly, Crooked Bars and Shelves

Maybe you’ll pass the measuring stage without a hitch and buy all of the right components to make a great closet. But installing everything takes some knowledge about hardware, tools, and the structure of your home. The last thing that you want is a hanging bar that comes crashing down as soon as all of your clothes are neatly hung.

Your custom design from the Closet Works comes with professional installation. Shelves won’t wobble, and drawers will glide like they were designed to. And whether you hang a row of formal gowns or lightweight shirts, your hanging bar won’t sway or fall to the floor.

3. Accidental Injuries

They make it look so easy on TV. But wielding a tool the wrong way could send you looking for the first aid kit, or it might land you in the hospital. Thousands of people are injured while taking on home improvement projects each year, says Hardware Building Supply. Falls from ladders, smashed thumbs, cuts, and electrical injuries such as shocks and electrocution are only some of the many ways home owners are injured.

The Closet Works takes on all of the difficult work so you don’t have to. Not only that, we have all of the right tools for every job. Our professionals have the training and experience to handle your custom closet installation in a professional way, all without accidental injury.

Young couple working together to assemble a DIY Custom Closet

4. Back to Square One

After all of your hard work assembling and installing closet components, imagine the frustration if you don’t gain any closet space or can’t organize your things better than before. Installing something that looks nice doesn’t mean that it will allow for more efficient use of your space than the old system. And isn’t that the reason for a new custom closet in the first place?

At the Closet Works, our team strives to make the most out of every square inch of space. That’s why it’s so important to work with a designer. Work on your own, and you might only shift things around. Work with us, and you’ll be surprised to see how much space you’ve really got.

Beautiful custom walk-in closet finished in high gloss

Some DIY projects turn out great! But sometimes you’re left with a bigger problem than you had when you started. You never can tell, and there’s a lot of time and money invested along the way.

When you partner with the Closet Works, your project will match your vision. Our professional designers come to you, and the consultation and closet design is free. Schedule a free design consultation with us and learn about the space-maximizing options that we can design, build, and install in your home.

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