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5 Accessories That Add Style and Function to Your Custom Closet

What truly takes a custom closet design to the next level are the accessories. These gadgets are both beautiful and functional. They make it easy to store your stuff, a snap to get ready each morning, put laundry away, pack for a trip or organize outfits for the week.

Here are some stylish and clever accessories that make it even easier to organize your space.

Drawer Inserts for Jewelry

The average-sized jewelry box won’t easily hold more than a few pairs of earrings, several bracelets and some rings. Instead of turning to multiple boxes and dishes for fine and costume jewelry, a custom drawer insert can help you hold everything and make it easy to find pieces when you need them.

Small compartments keep each pair of earrings separate. Necklaces have their own spot so they don’t get tangled, and everything is easy to see. There are different options for jewelry storage: An elegant velvet jewelry tray can be a place for rings, watches and even cufflinks, while a two-tiered Lucite and velvet insert maximizes drawer space.

Tilt-Out or Slide-Out Hampers

Most hampers are functional and not all that elegant looking—some folks stash them in a corner of their closet, bedroom or bathroom so they’re not on display. We’ve solved this problem with tilt-out or slide-out hampers that are hidden from view right in your custom closet. Add one for lights, one for darks and one for dry cleaning so there’s no mix-up on laundry day. Choose from different basket finishes to match your other hardware, or opt for a nylon bag, which makes it easy to tote dirty clothes to your laundry room.

Slide-Out Swivel Mirrors

Rather than taking up precious wall space, a full-length mirror can slide out from the end of a cabinet or long hanging section and swivel when you need it. This makes trying on outfits or getting ready in the morning easier. Our slide-out swivel mirrors are available in a number of finishes to create a truly custom look.

Scarf, Belt and Tie Racks

In most closets, there’s no easy way to store scarves, belts and ties. You might hang belts over a hanger hook, buy a special scarf hanger that takes up a lot of space or stash ties in a drawer. Instead, specialized racks for these accessories help you avoid using a flimsy hanger for storage and make everything easy to see and easy to reach. Scarf, belt and tie racks come in a variety of colors and finishes to coordinate with all of the other design selections you’ve made.

Valet Bars and Hooks

Hooks have a place in every closet. This versatile accessory is the spot to hang bags, a coat you plan to wear again, hoodies, a robe, purses and virtually anything else that needs to be stored off the floor. They’re available in a bunch of sizes and finishes to complement your personal style.

While hooks are commonplace in most closets, a valet bar is the accessory you never knew you needed. These slide-out bars become a spot to plan outfits and hang dry cleaning before it goes back into your closet.

During your in-home consultation, a Designer can help you determine where each of these accessories fits for ease of use. If you’re interested in learning more, visit our accessories page or schedule a free, in-home consultation.

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