Organized jackets and pants in walk-in closet

5 Daily Habits of Highly Organized People

Some people seem to have it all together. They are always on time, never forget a birthday and their home is always organized. Meanwhile it’s possible that you are often struggling to meet deadlines, late for appointments and everything you own is disorganized. Do not despair!

Woman neatly organizing her pantry and items on shelves

Below are 5 habits of highly organized people. Incorporating these strategies into your life will, help you reap the benefits that being organized can provide.

  1. Regularly dispose of items that are broken or torn and donate items that have not been used in eons to someone who can use it.
  2. Purging items that have lost their appeal serves several purposes. It will be easier to find things and space will be freed up for new items that you need or want. By donating things that you haven’t used in over a year, you will be helping out someone who could probably use some help. That’s a nice feeling for everybody involved. If the items are particularly valuable, a tax deduction may be possible.
  3. A place for everything and everything in its place. Sounds simple…so why aren’t we all doing it? Start by assigning a specific home for everything. A shelf, basket, box or drawer…everything must have a home! The toys go in the toy chest, books on the bookshelf, bills go to the bill paying box, and so on. Then, to really make this tip useful, you must follow through by returning everything back to its assigned home once you are done using it. No excuses, no pit stops.
  4. Approach your new organized life in bite –sized chucks. Don’t wait until the laundry basket is overflowing to start up the washing machine. By doing laundry or ironing a couple of times in a week the chore will be much more manageable and less overwhelming. This same rule applies to cleaning and straightening. By doing small tasks such as wiping down the sinks one day or picking up the shoes scattered throughout the house on another, cleaning won’t be such a daunting task. It will amaze you how much extra time that will add to your week…in chunks that are really useful for fun stuff!
  5. Get the big jobs out of the way! Spring cleaning is only an expression, not a law! Don’t put the mega chores off, get them done. Clean the garage, clean out the closets, purge the fridge and freezer, just schedule those tasks and knock them off. It’s all about planning. And if you really want to be smart, check the weather forecast and schedule that Saturday morning when you planned on playing golf but its supposed to rain to get a big job done and you will feel great and smugly intelligent to boot.

The one touch rule: touch things only once.

This rule can be applied to anything from a magazine to a newspaper, bill, junk mail and even recipe clippings, clothing or almost anything. When you pick it up, read it or deal with it, make a decision about what course of action needs to be taken and make it happen right then. This will put an end to those endless piles of “things to do” and you won’t be left with stacks of papers and things to sort through – many of which will end up in other piles or just tossed in the trash anyway.

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