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By: Closet Works Inc. on April 12th, 2016

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5 Ways Organizing Your Home Improves Your Life


organizing your homeAn organized home creates a positive atmosphere that filters through almost every aspect of life. When your home is in order, it can boost your health and relationships, and can even play a role in how much money your kids will earn once they're grown. It boils down to reducing stress. That's why tidiness is such a healthy thing.

With less clutter lying around, here are some of the numerous benefits that you can expect.

1. Lower Stress

If you lose your purse every day and your kids have trouble finding their shoes, that makes for a lot of stress and frustration. Lack of organization takes your focus away from where it should be and places it on finding things that shouldn't be lost in the first place. But with a closet system that's tailored to your home and the things that you own, harried mornings become a thing of the past.

organizing your home

2. Better Social Life

Have you ever needed a tidying marathon just to have a few people over? If you have, then you know how a cluttered home makes a spontaneous get together that much more difficult. But when you have a place for everything, Shape magazine says it's easier to think about welcoming friends instead of rushing around to clean up.

3. Healthier Sleep Patterns

Can organization really help you sleep better? The National Sleep Foundation thinks so. According to their "Bedroom Poll," 66 percent of survey respondents said a clean bedroom was important to getting a good night's sleep. The survey went on to suggest that people who tidy their bed every day also sleep better.

organizing your home improves your life

4. Less Consumerism

You're not the first person to buy the same thing more than once for no reason besides misplacing the original. That's throwing good money away, but simple organization can prevent this from happening. You shouldn't need to buy another belt because you can't find your old one. The root of the problem is actually that you don't have a single place to store your belts. The same applies to everything from garden supplies and tools to flashlights and your kids' toys.

5. Improved Diet

It might seem like a stretch, but researchers at the Carlton School of Management, University of Minnesota, say that organization is linked to healthier food choices. This effect is about the mindset of an organized person and household, but it makes literal sense in the pantry. When healthy snacks have a prominent place in the pantry, they're easier for everyone to grab.

The benefits of organization span out and affect almost every part of your life. Clutter can even affect the life of your kids once they're grown. In an article for the American Economic Review titled, "As Ye Sweep, So Shall Ye Reap," researchers said that the condition of the home is "predictive of children's earnings measured 25 years later," and it's an indicator of the level of education they'll receive. We're not making this stuff up!

All of this is why the Closet Works believes so strongly in creating the smartest storage and organization systems available. Organization isn't merely attractive or nice -- it has a lasting effect on your well-being.

When you schedule a free design consultation, you'll find endless possibilities for organizing every part of your home.



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