5 Ways To Get More Space Out Of Your Pantry

When it comes to storage issues in the home, your pantry is often the number one problem area. Every grocery run creates the potential for more havoc, particularly when a working family cannot find the time to effectively clean out the pantry or find the time to organize it. While the pantry may be your storage problem, it doesn’t have to be.

Here is how you can ensure that you are getting the most out of your pantry’s storage space.

1. Avoid unnecessary bulk purchases
2. Consider rollouts for your space maximizing effort
3. Think small to get the big picture of pantry space
4. Get creative
5. Don’t cut corners with your storage space

1. Avoid Unnecessary Bulk Purchases

Bulk shoppers often buy items in massive quantities thinking that they have just gotten a great deal. If that practice describes you, ask yourself how often groceries get tossed and thrown out because the expiration date has rendered much of your purchases useless.

In cases like this, not only are you wasting money, your expiring groceries are also wasting valuable pantry space. Make life easier on your wallet and on your pantry by purchasing items in reasonable quantities instead of snatching up every bulk deal.

2. Consider Rollouts for Your Space Maximizing Efforts

Easy access to pantry items and easily seeing your pantry items helps ensure that your space is maximized and that your groceries will be used. To this end, few pantry storage solutions are better than a pantry with rollouts.

With rollouts, you will easily organize your pantry items, and the entire family will be able to see what is in the back of your shelves. This eliminates the “out of sight, out of mind” problem of traditional pantries that wastes space and wastes your groceries once they expire.

3. Think Small to Get the Big Picture of Pantry Space

Paying attention to small details pays off in a big way when you are organizing your pantry. Custom pantry solutions — such as narrow shelves that are designed to fit behind a door — can create a ton of extra storage space.

Even if there is only space for shelves with 6″ or 8″ depth, you will be amazed at how many pantry items will fit in such a small storage space. Best of all, these items will be easily accessible, ensuring that items stored there will be easily spotted and easily used.

4. Get Creative With Kitchen Storage

A design professional can work with you to think of even more creative solutions for your pantry’s storage space. One classic example of a creative storage solution is vertical slots. Adding vertical slots to a shelf unit can permanently solve the tray and serving platter issue in your pantry.

Instead of stacking trays in a way that looks ugly and wastes space, utilizing vertical slots will stylishly save space and make all of your trays and platters accessible. Similarly, your pantry can effectively accommodate accessories for your kitchen and dining room tables.

Implementing a rack for tablecloths and a custom drawer for napkins and other table accessories will provide you with a storage solution that makes it easy to keep track of all your tableware. Alternatively, you can add slide out flat shelves to store sets of your favorite placemats, dedicating each shelf to a unique placement.

Storing food in baskets will look great and keep your freshest foods accessible and easy to reach.

5, Don’t Cut Corners with Your Storage Space

Last, don’t forget about the corners of your pantry. Adding custom designed corner shelves can be the final touch that makes all the difference. Custom designed pie or “L” shaped shelves will maximize your pantry space and serve as the perfect storage space for large items like blenders.

At The Closet Works, our custom pantry designs are the perfect addition for your home. Contact us for a free in-home design consultation for your pantry or any other room in the home that needs custom design and space-saving solutions.

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