Tips to Stay Organized

What Is The Best Way To Stay Organized

Being in the custom closet business for over 30 years, one of the questions we often get is “what is the best way to stay organized after The Closet Works has done their job?” After all, you want your new closet system to not only look great, but to make a real difference in your quality of life. We completely get that. If you are more organized, you will spend a lot less time doing things that are time-wasters (and often irritating) and, as a result, have more time to spend to do things that you enjoy. Being well organized can help to reduce your stress level, and that, in and of itself, is a really good thing.

Here are some strategies to keep in mind when thinking about the best ways to stay organized.

Clothing organized in walk in closet with see through doors

1. Make organization a big part of your lifestyle

Everyone has a different idea of what “being organized” means and there is no one magical formula that creates instant organization. One person’s concept of organization may be another’s nightmare. What works for you is what matters. For example, many prefer their closet be organized by the way that they get dressed. Maybe this means hanging shirts or blouses above skirts, pants or slacks. Maybe you have some slacks that need to be hung long by the cuff and others hung folded over a hanger to conserve space. Maybe you want your jeans folded and stored on a shelf. Some folks may prefer to organize by color, season, or by type/style (i.e. dressy, formal, casual or active wear). Once you have decided which approach best suits your vision, you can establish a location where each item will be stored for optimal efficiency. This gives you a format that makes putting things consistently “where they belong” easy to follow. Consistency in this practice gives you easier accessibility and saves time.

It helps if you can establish a routine that is best for managing your closet. Choose a convenient time to put wardrobe items back in place as they come back from the laundry room or dry cleaner. It’s easy when there is already pre-established shelf space, drawer space or a hanger waiting. When you are in a hurry and take shortcuts, the possibility is greater that a lack of organization can creep in.

Woman putting towels back on an organized shelf

Make time to sort through your things and, perhaps, cull items that you no longer wear. Focus on clothing that you no longer use because it’s not in style or doesn’t fit any longer, and create room for new items that you may wish to purchase. Many people use the 1 to 1 rule; i.e. for every piece of new clothing that comes in, the same amount goes out. It can either be donated or thrown away, if it beyond use.This method helps ensure that you are not wasting valuable space by keeping items that you will most likely never wear again or that you no longer need.

2. A Place For Everything And Everything In Its Place

It may sound simple, but giving each item its own convenient storage space is a key component to staying organized. A few things to keep in mind; those items which are further back on a shelf or on the bottom of a deep drawer are not as visible and will most likely not get used. Therefore, store items like sweaters, tees or other garments which can be easily folded into a square or rectangle on a shelf, not in a deep drawer. Drawers should be used to organize certain things which maximize the value of a drawer such as underwear, socks, hosiery, lingerie, athletic clothing, bathing suits and the like. Make it as easy as possible to put back the gear you need in an appropriate place that suits both the item itself and the frequency of use. Things you don’t wear often should be in the less accessible spots and those you wear all the time should be in easy-to-reach places. A favorite pair of heels shouldn’t be stored on a high shelf with lots of heels and dressy shoes that you don’t often wear. Put them in a more convenient spot, even if the other shoes in that area are more causal.

Organized closet with corner shoe storage

Try to put things back right away when you are through using them. Otherwise, belongings can begin to pile up and bad habits can take hold. Clutter is a no-no for an organized person.

If you need help creating some organization strategies that work for you and finding solutions which foster good habits, reach out to us for a free in-home design consultation.

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