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Big Ideas Small Spaces: Sliding Doors

A common misconception about the work we do is that everything we make is grandiose and takes up a lot of space. When you think of custom closets, you probably picture a large room with lightning, seating, countertops, and shoe displays. 

While we pride ourselves on the big projects we do, not every custom design needs its own room or a massive amount of space. Big ideas can exist in a small space—here’s how! 

Let’s talk about the doors you choose for your project and how they can make or break the amount of space your custom project needs. 

Let’s say you’ve decided to get a custom wardrobe built to fit everything you have, with some wiggle room for new accessories. A wardrobe is a perfect solution that also acts as a beautiful display in your home. 


But while the wardrobe may fit perfectly in a nook or corner of your room, what if there’s limited room to open the doors? 

That’s why when choosing a company for your custom project, finding one with an array of options is the best way to go! 

The Benefits of Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a space-saving solution you can count on every time. This solution requires minimal floor space, so having an excess of space isn’t something you need to worry about with this option. Sliding doors can save you anywhere from four to 12 feet of space when opening your wardrobe. 

This option also looks sleek and can come in an array of styles and designs. Between the colors we offer and the styles available, customizing your sliding door to match your current style of decor or act as an eye-catching piece is easier than ever. 

Sliding doors aren’t only exclusive to wardrobes or closets. In a pantry, they can be great for separating the kitchen from the pantry while saving floor space for preparing dinner or preparing school lunches. 

In a garage, you’ll never have to worry about a door opening and hitting your car and causing damage. Sliding doors are also a great option if you have items at risk of falling off shelves—the momentum of falling items won’t push the doors open like it would with hinged doors. 

If space has been holding you back from creating the custom storage solution of your dreams, reach out, and let’s talk about space-saving solutions! At Closet Works, we can come up with a design that fits your needs and your space as it is currently. 

Click here for your free no-obligation consultation and let’s start saving you space!

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