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What Are the Biggest Design Trends for Garages in 2021?

Twenty-four percent of homeowners are embarrassed to leave their garage doors open, according to a survey done by Impulse Research. This is because people believe the clutter in their garage is so humiliating, that it should never be seen by their next-door neighbors or house guests.

If you’re a disenchanted garage owner who’s determined to organize and revamp, you’ll need a little inspiration to transform your space. We did the research and are happy to share with you the biggest design trends for garages in 2021.

1.) Gray Matters

At the start of this year, the Pantone Color Institute (the world’s leader in color consulting) declared that Ultimate Gray was one of the defining colors of 2021. Gray is not only sophisticated, but it’s also a great neutral that is easier on the eyes and hides the appearance of dirt.

Latitude East Tafisa color option  Summertime Blues Tafisa color sample

Our customers caught on and have been using various shades of gray for their projects – check out a couple custom installations earlier this year (below).

Butcher block worksurface surrounded by grey cabinets  Butcher block worksurface surrounded by open cabinet doors

Grey garage organization system with cabinets  Custom built grey garage organization system with cabinets and sliding drawers

2.) Antimicrobial & Antibacterial Options

Thanks to the recent pandemic, cleanliness has become a top priority. For those concerned with dirt & bacteria, antimicrobial and antibacterial finishes are a terrific option to consider.

Trust us: there is no replacement for cleaning, however, the places where Finsa products are used can stay cleaner because these materials help inhibit the growth of bacteria. They also prevent bacteria’s reproduction, so they age and die.

Organized garage space with slatwall system and butcher block workspace

3.) Storage Space

When we think of ideal storage solutions for the garage, cabinets come to mind. The cabinets we offer are customizable by size and conceal the items you’re storing, such as bulky, large quantity groceries, or large sports equipment, like skis. Regardless of what you do store, we recommend elevating these cabinets off the floor using stainless steel legs. Why? If your garage is prone to flooding, you have a plate along the wall, or french drains you can avoid potential damages and help out with keeping the area clean.

Safety is a top priority, especially for those with little ones or pets running around. For sharp tools, power tools or dangerous chemicals, consider hiding and securing these types of items in a cabinet or drawer with a lock.

Grey garage cabinet and drawers open with organized outdoor gear

4.) Create the Ideal Workspace

You might require a tool area with magnetic bars, bins for items like screws and nails, and brackets and bins for handtools over a butcher block work surface or a folding wrapping station for gifts complete with paper roll holders and bins for scissors, bows and tape. Choose both possibilities or come up with another idea all together. Our team of expert Designers will work with you to achieve your ideal workspace.

Tools organized with wall system above a butcher block workspace

Garage workspace with folding table up and wall system  Garage workspace with folding table up and wall system

5.) Focus On Your Car

People are prioritizing parking their car in their garage but struggling. Don’t believe us? Check out these stats:

  • A study found that 47% of people encounter problems when trying to park in their garage. (Sparefoot)
  • A UCLA report found that 75% of families didn’t use their garages for parking – they used the driveway or relied on street parking.

The ability to park your car depends on what you have lying around. Literally speaking. When you keep items off the ground, you’re not only storing those materials in a place where they won’t be easily damaged, but you’ve also reopened your parking potential.

There are plenty of solutions to consider. For example, a slatwall system product, like storeWALL, effectively utilizes the vertical space in your garage from the floor to the ceiling. Regardless of their shape or size, it can hold a variety of items because it includes components like:

  • Wide hooks for sports equipment like tennis rackets and bike brackets
  • Long-handled tool hooks for shovels and brooms
  • Baskets and tote bags, which are great for outdoor toys

You should also seriously consider sliding doors. They provide concealed storage and are ideal for tight spaces where a swinging door isn’t the optimal option.

Caar parked in garage with sliding doors

52% of homeowners say they would want to have a garage their neighbors envy (Thompson’s Company). Garage envy is a wonderful thing – that’s why we recommend these design trends for the year. Not only are they simple, but they will give you peace of mind regarding how your space looks, its functionality and its cleanliness.

Interested in learning more about getting organized or The Closet Works’ installations? Request a free consultation with one of our professional Designers today.

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