Custom Closet Design

A Celebrity-Inspired Custom Walk-in Closet

All of the closets in Marie Palumbo’s three-bedroom Cape Cod home were filled with her clothes. Every morning when she got ready, she would have to walk from room to room and look in every closet until she found just what she was looking for. Her clothes were all over the house—and not organized.

Marie wanted to store all of her clothes, shoes and accessories in one spot; her vision was to create a functional space as luxurious as a celebrity closet.

To realize her vision, Marie worked with The Closet Works Designer Jen Molinelli to convert one spare bedroom into a custom walk-in closet.

Jen visited Marie at her home to see the space and discuss Marie’s needs.

Because Marie hangs up most of her clothes to keep them wrinkle-free, Jen recommended plenty of space to hang long dresses and pants and short jackets, skirts and dresses. Jen also recommended the closet be finished in classic white and decorative crown molding to make the closet look polished. Marie planned to add a large, full-length mirror for trying on outfits and a chandelier to add drama.

“Jen understood exactly what I wanted. I kept asking questions and she had all the answers. She had a drawing [of my closet] in front of me in 24 hours.”

The Installation

As part of a larger renovation, Marie’s floors and baseboards were finished before The Closet Works’ Installers arrived to build her custom walk-in closet.

As a financial controller for a builder, Marie is sensitive to the building and installing process.

“It’s very surprising when you can depend on someone to treat your home as good as you treat your home.”

The Final Product

Marie finally had all of her clothes in one place, which made her morning routine much smoother than in the past. But she still found herself walking back and forth to her linen closet to get makeup and hair products each day as she got ready in her walk-in closet. She quickly realized that adding storage in her new walk-in closet for makeup and hair products would further streamline her morning routine.

Marie reached out to Jen and The Closet Works again for help. To maximize space, Jen designed a custom dresser that would fit below a window in Marie’s walk-in closet.

Marie has realized her vision and created a beautiful, functional walk-in closet that puts her clothes, accessories and even her makeup and hair products in one place. It’s become a place where she can relax, get ready and even hang out with her girlfriends.

“I feel indulgent. I treated myself to something I had wanted for 10 years. It feels really good.”

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