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Choosing Hardware for Your Custom Closet 

You’ve been dreaming of your custom closet. You’ve had many conversations and mulled over all the options. Once the planning is done and you finally get to move on to finalizing the details and bringing your closet dreams to life, that’s when the fun starts! 

Custom Closet Options

It’s important to start with the basics. If you have nicer pieces of clothing, you’ll want a little extra room for hanging clothes. If you have a lot of high heel shoes, slanted shoe storage shelves can display your collection elegantly. If you spend a lot of time in yoga classes or at the gym, you might need ample drawer space for your workout clothes and ‘grab-and-go’ access. 

But don’t forget the details! Choosing door styles and finishes so your closet looks great and fits into the decor of your space is fun and can really round out a solid closet design. For example, glass inserts on closet doors add personality and functionality while still providing a timeless feel. A contemporary raised panel door gives the look of a traditional closet door, but with a more unique twist that adds flair in your space. 

The Importance of Hardware

Hardware is often overlooked when it comes to choosing the right styles for your custom closet. Believe it or not, picking the right closet hardware can not only streamline your morning routine, but it can also help you achieve the look you want. Choosing hardware in the same color and shade as your closet doors creates a sleek, cohesive design. On the other hand, choosing hardware with pops of color can give your space a more unique, lively look. 

Announcing the Synergy & Deco Collections

The Closet Works is excited to announce its newest collection of hardware: the Synergy and Deco hardware collections! Both of these collections are timeless and versatile, so we’re anticipating they will be among the more popular options we offer. 

Synergy Collection

The Synergy collection features hardware pieces that can elevate any closet space. The black pieces in this collection feature a crisp and bold shape to bring a touch of contemporary style to any closet space. Black can also be used as a dramatic pop to an airy color palette or can blend into an already deeper-toned closet style. 

The soft matte finish also brings a sense of diluted charm to your space. This collection offers a wide selection of hardware options, including slide-out tie racks, double robe hooks, valet bars, and so much more. 

Deco Collection

The Deco collection features more modern pieces. If you like a sleek style in your closet design, the Deco collection might be a great match. The high-gloss finish adds a perfect finishing touch to your space. With a wide selection of colors, you can decide what works best for you and your custom closet design.

If you’re looking to create the closet of your dreams, or if you’re just looking to spice up an existing space, reach out to schedule a free consultation

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