Spring Cleaning Your Closets

Choosing the Right Closet Company

Choosing the right company to organize your closets should not be a last-minute decision. There is a lot to consider when it comes time to take the next step into turning your house into your dream home. It’s most important that the overall experience is exceptional but equally important are the individual components that comprise that experience, including but not limited to, the experience and longevity of the company, the quality of the design and the products, the depth and breadth of the offerings and certainly, while last but not least, the value you are receiving for your money.


Choose a Closet Company with experience: 

When it comes to any project you do in your home, especially a significant one such as organizing your closets and other areas, choosing a company you trust is key. Once all is said and done, you want to be able to look at your project whatever it might be, and be completely comfortable knowing that you hired a company that did the job professionally on all levels, and ensured your satisfaction through the entire process.

Closet with tilt open storage at the top and tilt out hamper at the bottom

We recommend selecting a company that checks these boxes:

  • It’s logical to hire a company that’s been in business for a long period of time, has tens of thousands of satisfied customers, and has the depth of experience that comes with longevity.  
  • The company’s track record in terms of quality, customer service, and going the extra mile is very important.
  • In order to make sure that things go well, a company that performs efficiently and in a customer-centric manner from beginning to end makes life easier. This also creates terrific installation and an ongoing sense of comfort and confidence that the company will always be there to serve you.

Please consider that a great deal of it includes an outstanding design, the exact finishes, features, and accessories that you want, outstanding product quality, professional installation, and great value. Getting the most for your money should be important when selecting a vendor. In this connection, it would be wise to check customer surveys on such sites as Google, Yelp, and guild quality surveys amongst others to see what actual customers’ feelings are about the company that completed their project.


Choose a company that can deliver what you actually want:

You deserve a result with your project that delivers on your needs, your desires, and your own particular sense of style. A company large enough to address all of these areas, and yet small enough to provide exceptional customer interaction is most desirable. At Closet Works, we have dedicated, experienced, and caring teams led by managers whose goal is to deliver your concept by engaging you in the process and guiding you in areas where years of expertise can provide a significant advantage. 

Here at The Closet Works, we know that every factor of what we do creates a positive and memorable experience, with an outcome you will value for years. Our designers are veterans in creating functional, aesthetically pleasing, and personalized designs for your specific requirements. Our manufacturing team is comprised of skillful, and focused professionals using the most up-to-date equipment to produce superior quality components. Our installers are all full-time employees, rigorously trained, who know the products and materials they install inside and out. No sub-contractors are used. Our exceptional warranty ensures a higher comfort level for our clients because it covers virtually all components and mechanisms used on the job. Should something fail, after years of service, the situation will be remedied quickly and at no charge. Make sure the closet company you choose has the capabilities to take care of your needs through every step of this process, and yes, that means down the line as well! 

Closet Design


On to the fun stuff:

When it comes to creating your dream closet or other organizational projects, you should expect to have your vision materialized. From a simple design and execution to a large, intricate, and spectacular undertaking, we can provide what you need with the quality, experience, and value you deserve.  Please take a moment to browse some of the projects in our award-winning body of work here on our website. Please note we offer many other types of projects besides closets, including home and professional offices, murphy beds, pantries, mudrooms, garages, custom furniture, including wall units and entertainment centers, libraries, and laundry rooms. If what you need is not on this list, call and ask as we undertake numerous products not included in this list. Check out our website for some more information on our substantial variety of services. 


Decluttered and organized walk-in kitchen pantry

Please call to set up a free consultation with one of our space optimization specialists to get the ball rolling.

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