His walk-in closet with clothing organized

Closet Accessories and Finishes You’ll Love

Selecting the right closet accessories is often minimized when focusing on other elements throughout the custom closet process. However, they play a significant role in making your closet space organized and functional. For example, having enough of the right hooks in the proper location and hung at the appropriate height in your mudroom for jackets and backpacks will make the difference between them being used or items being dropped on the floor. Just as important is selecting the style and finish that complements your existing décor. Maybe you are more traditional and prefer an oil-rubbed bronze finish and raised panels with curved lines. Or perhaps your room is decorated with the trending new finish of matte gold, paired with the simplicity of straight lines and geometric patterns. Bringing new elements into your home must be in harmony with your style and preferences.

Here are some of the latest and trending closet accessory options and finishes you’ll love.


Matte Gold

When selecting a gold finish you need to be cautious. If you are not careful, you’ll be picking one that reflects the light and is bright, causing your closet system to look dated. The gold finish has been updated to a warm, elegant and subtle tone. Called Matte Gold or Modern Bronze, the light is spread out evenly and diffused along the surface for a very smooth, relaxing and tranquil feel with minimal glare. Accessory options include round or concave hourglass closet rods, valet bars, slide-out or wall-mount belt and tie racks, single, double or waterfall hooks, broom hooks and scarf racks.

Sienna Teak woodgrain finish with matte gold accessories


If you are searching for a darker and more earthly tone, Slate might be a good selection for your project. It is very durable, tough and not easily scratched which extends the life span. The matte finish is also resistant to fingerprint and smear marks. Because of its clean look and affordability, White is trending in closet systems. The contrast with Slate creates a beautiful, yet neutral look. If this is more your style, you’ll have the same wide variety of accessories and decorative hardware to choose from.

Tropical woodgrain finish with slate decorative hardware accessories

The best way to see how these finishes look first hand and how they pair with your material selection is to visit our showroom. Bring the color swatch for your paint and a sample of your flooring so you can explore the options and develop a vision for you project. No need for an appointment. Our Designers have years of experience creating stylish and functional spaces and can give you some guidance during your free in-home consultation when they take measurements and speak with you about your needs for the design of your new space. Call our office to speak with someone about how to get the process started and you’ll have an organized and stylish space before you know it.

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