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By: Closet Works Inc. on May 11th, 2015

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Closet Organization with Cabinets and Cabinetry

Many people who have an interest in closet organization want something more sophisticated, in a design sense, than simple shelving and hanging sections. Quite often, and especially in large walk in closets, custom closet cabinetry is desired. These closet cabinets can be constructed of melamine or wood veneers. They can be relatively simple in design or highly decorative and incorporate intricate moldings as well as doors and drawer fronts with decorative detail. The options are many and diverse, from elementary to elaborate, and the closet cabinets can be designed favoring function over decoration or vice versa, but whatever your preferences, there is a wide range of closet cabinetry from which to choose.

Beautiful wood closet cabinets with puck lighting

Adding Closet Cabinetry

The simplest way in which to include closet cabinets in your design is by adding doors to various sections. Doors can be added as a stylized decorative touch, or can be used to perform a functional purpose, such as helping to keep garments or shoes cleaner in a closet that tends to be dusty. Plain slab doors can be specified or you can choose foil pressed or 5 piece doors to create just the look that you want. Some people employ doors just to keep the contents of a section concealed. This is often the case when one partner in a shared closet has a tendency to be neater than the other. It can be irksome to neatly fold and display your garments as if they were still on the shelves of your favorite boutique while your mate is a proponent of the crumple and stuff school of garment storage.

Another easy way to include closet cabinets in a design is to add drawers to the plan.

In our view, drawers are best used for storing things that cannot be folded into neat rectangles and stored on a shelf. Items like under wear, socks, hosiery, lingerie, bathing suits, pajamas, work out clothing and the like do very well in drawers. We recommend against deep drawers with deep stacks of tee shirts or Polos because if garments like these are piled into a drawer, the ones on the bottom often do not get seen and hence, are not worn. If these items are stored on a shelf you can see exactly what you have and you will tend to wear the garments in a more evenly distributed way. If nothing else, you can see what you are  wearing and perhaps give those items away to a good cause and replace them with new things that you will wear! Drawer inserts can also be used wisely to make storing all kinds of things like jewelry, cosmetics, accessories and scarves easy, efficient  and attractive.

Closet drawer organized with 2 tier lucite jewelry insert

Other types of closet cabinets such as hampers, safe enclosures, benches, hutches, islands, bureaus and wall cabinets are all available, and judicious use of such closet cabinetry can beautifully enhance almost any coset organization system, adding both style and function, more economically than you might think.


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