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By: Closet Works Inc. on December 15th, 2011

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Closet Design Installation | How to Choose a Closet Designer


Chapter 2 - Design & Installation Capability

Experienced closet installer putting cabinet together
A lot of “free lance” closet providers tend to downplay the experience factor when discussing design and installation.

Big mistake! Anybody can throw up a couple of rods and a few shelves and claim to have created a custom closet design, but au contraire! It takes an experienced designer to make the most of your space and create a custom solution that is efficient, maximizes the available space, is aesthetically pleasing while creating a truly personal solution for your individual wants and needs. For example, it is important to know how to size sections for various items, how much clearance is required, how to deal with impediments such as access panels, attic stairs, utility boxes and the like. Equally important is the knowledge that only comes with experience about how to specify for various types of construction - are your walls plaster or drywall and why does it make a difference? – What kinds of studs are supporting your walls and on what centers? The list goes on, and there are lots of significant variables.

The same can be said for installation experience. How do you deal with walls that toe in or out? How about floors that are not level? Just because someone has a screw gun does not mean he is an seasoned and qualified closet system installer who can make your job look and function perfectly. It takes experience, patience, technology and an appreciation for the intent of the design and the desires of the client. And please hear me, there is a real difference between 20 years of experience and 1 year of experience 20 times!

Beautiful walk in closet installation with white finish

Think About Your Project

Any type of project that involves people traipsing in and out of your house is a big deal. Any time you are making an investment in your home it’s a big deal. You don’t want just anybody to undertake such a project. You don’t go to a med student for advice or surgery, you go to a Doctor…and the more experienced and better “credentialed” that Doctor the more secure you feel and the higher the likelihood of a really positive outcome. OK, this isn’t exactly the same, but why take a chance with your home? Why not choose a vendor that can provide a high level of comfort and confidence and who will deliver the project you are looking for with competence and excellent performance. At the end of the day you will be more satisfied, experience less stress and have completed a project that has exceeded your expectations


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