Closet Organization Ideas

The search for practical, efficient and reasonably priced closet organizing ideas seems to be never ending. The problem is that everybody keeps acquiring more and more stuff, and the more we accumulate, the less space we have available to accommodate new things.

In order to maintain some sense of order it is important to identify closet organizing ideas that can be readily implemented.

Effective Closet Organization

There are many different approaches to organizing a closet and maximizing the available space. For example, most people have more hanging clothes than folded clothing. A significant portion of space may be needed for hanging shirts, skirts and blouses or slacks folded over a hanger. Double or even triple hanging, if height permits, is an excellent way to multiply the useable space in a closet.

In the closet organizing systems we make at The Closet Works, our hanging sections have holes drilled the entire height of the section so that the hanging rods are fully adjustable and various garments can be grouped by height to maximize the space. We even have a pull down hanging rod device that can be installed at about 8 feet high. This way you can use more of the closet height to increase the hanging space even further, and makes accessing the clothes stored in the highest section comfortable and convenient.

Organizing Accessories

Other closet organization ideas relate to specific accessories that can really impact the space yield in your closet. There are many different types of accessories that can really make your closet work overtime. These items include velvet and Lucite jewelry inserts, tilt-out hampers with removable baskets and liners, if desired. Slide-out baskets are also available and custom sized drawers can be outfitted with dividers to keep items much neater and organized. These dividers can be configured from front to back or side to side with any section width you desire. Egg crate style dividers are available as well.

Other useful closet organization ideas include valet bars, which are very useful when selecting an outfit or taking the plastic off dry cleaning. Tie and belt racks keep your items not only accessible, but lasting longer. They are simple, stylish and can either slide out or be mounted directly to a wall or cabinet panel. Specialized tie valet racks can hold 160 ties in a 24” wide section. Granite counter tops are a beautiful addition to the top of a drawer section or an island. A countertop is essential for folding garments or packing a suitcase. Scarf storage racks keep your delicates safe and wrinkle free. Swivel mirrors and fold-out ironing boards are all designed to help you get the best possible storage capacity from your closet.

There are many options to store your favorite footwear: flat shoe shelves, slanted shelves with fences or cubbies keep everything neatly organized. By providing a designated place for each pair, storage becomes more convenient, making them accessible when needed and easy to put back when done. As a result, clutter is reduced and shoes are not left out or on the floor to become a tripping hazard. There is also no more digging through shoe boxes or allowing them to take up valuable storage space.

If you are ready to take the next step in organizing your closet space and need some help from the professionals, feel free to reach out for a free in-home design consultation where an experienced Designer will answer any questions you may have.

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