Walk in closet system with bench

Closet Wishes That Came True

Lisa and her husband Richard were building their dream home and knew they would need something more substantial than the standard and basic wire closet systems they had in their previous house. Wanting to stay fiscally responsible, they did not think they could entertain the possibility that even one custom closet, let alone multiple closets in various rooms, could fit into their budget and have all the features the entire family needed. That is until they met Jill from The Closet Works, who started the process of turning their vision into a reality.

“Throughout the whole process of building the house, the closets were the easiest and most pleasurable…one-two-three and done!”

Walk In Closet with clothing organized

Practical And Functional Organization

Lisa and her husband’s vision consisted of being able to customize the storage for each room so every person could store all of their own belongings in one location and keep everything easily accessible. This would make it possible for them to eliminate having to spread out their wardrobes over multiple closets in various rooms. They also wanted to optimize the storage in some challenging spaces and make sure that each were utilized effectively, such as a bump out in Richard’s closet. They are both very organized and wanted a clean and organized look with symmetry. For Lisa, it was very important that she had a stool or bench in the middle of the closet so she could set out her wardrobe items when planning her outfit for the day and have a place to sit while putting on her shoes. For Richard it was about height and taking advantage of the vertical storage.

“I wanted a simple closet design with white board across the top and bottom with minimal color. Something that would make the space feel light and airy.”

Closet organizer with bench

Closet Designer Turns Wishes Into Reality

When Jill visited the home during the free in-home consultation, Lisa and Richard were skeptical that a custom closet would fit within their allocated budget. Jill began measuring and had mentioned that they might be surprised at the cost of a closet system and began formulating a design that would accommodate their storage needs. For example, they both have a love for shoes. Lisa likes to display her dress shoes and preferred slanted shelves with shoe fences. Richard, with more casual shoes and sneakers, preferred standard flat, adjustable shelving. Both were optimized for vertical storage. Jill also made sure that the symmetry they requested was incorporated into the design with shoe shelves on each side, drawers in the middle of the unit, double hanging on the ends and shelving in the center. The cabinets and shelving are custom-sized to utilize all available space and accommodate the existing window, which gives Lisa the open and airy feel she was looking for.

Walk in closet organization system with shoe shelves

Both Lisa and Richard prefer things neat and organized. To give her closet the clean look she desired, doors were included in the design on one side to conceal the stored items. Lisa, being heavily into fitness, stores all of her fitness sneakers together. She also prefers all dark jeans and pants folded on hangers and night gowns, under garmets and socks in drawers using the Marie Kondo method of folding. So Jill made sure that the closet design provided sufficient depth with the drawers and hanging to accommodate these specific needs.

For his closet, there are two tilt-out hampers – one for dry cleaning and one for laundry. This makes the laundry routine so much easier because it eliminates sorting and the hamper liner pulls out for quick transport. Richard prefers his pants and shirts are hung on rods with t-shirts and other active wear folded and stacked on shelves.

Closets organized with pants and shirt double hanged

“We were so happy, Jill was amazing. The pricing was so good, we ended up doing the whole house – we never thought we would be able to afford what they did. My closet is my favorite.”

Storage and Organization For Every Room

In the end, Lisa and Richard realized that they were able to expand their project to other rooms in their home. This included 2 basement closet organizers to hold his fly fishing gear, a laundry room system, linen closet and reach-in closets for each of their children.

We love hearing these stories from our clients and are so appreciative that they are willing to share their experiences. If you have a vision for a room in your home, request a free in-home consultation with one of our Designers. Who knows, we may be sharing your experience next!

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