Colors of the Year

At the beginning of 2021, we included 21 new colors and color ideas to our current offerings which includes a palette with over 90 colors, finishes and textures from which customers can choose. With 2021 coming to a close, we’ve selected 4 of our favorites from this list to be colors of the year. These choices are based on customer feedback, as well as the expertise of our space optimization specialists, also known as designers. All of these selections are textured, and feature a look & feel that is exceptional, as a result.

Color #1 – Fawn Cypress

This is a warm and inviting color, with a Rustic finish. It can be terrific in all kinds of rooms, spaces and even for free-standing pieces of furniture.

You can see in the pictures below that Fawn Cypress was used as a color to contrast the grey that was the primary hue throughout in this customer’s garage. Doesn’t it make both colors just pop?


Color #2 – Maya Bronze

This rich, dark brown color has an attractive Primofiore finish. Not only does it look like leather, but it feels like leather, too.

Color #3 – Winter Fun

For those who want to stick with the White/Ivory family, Winter Fun has a Viva texture that mimicks a wood grain.

Color #4 – White Chocolate

This Tafisa color is a light hue with a distressed texture that mirrors woodgrain in appearance and feel. It’s a great choice for those who are looking for a warm, neutral hue that isn’t a bright white.



Color #5 – Classic White

According to, this popular color has been used most recently in a client’s mudroom, contributing to the brightness of the space and making it even more welcoming.


Interested in learning more about The Closet Works’ color offerings or custom closet installations? Contact us today for a free design consultation with one of our professional Designers.

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