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By: Closet Works Inc. on July 25th, 2014

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How to Create Closet Solutions for Your Home That Really Make a Difference

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When you have serious storage problems and your belongings seem to be gaining the upper hand in the never ending struggle to maintain order you simply need to consider a few basic strategies to ensure you can create closet solutions that really make a positive difference in your personal war against chaos.

Let’s face it, we all have stuff…lots of stuff and while we need that stuff and we need access to that stuff we don’t always do the best job of creating storage solutions that are truly functional and targeted to specific areas of your home.

home wardrobe full of shirts

The entire point of creating closet solutions that really make a difference is to reach that goal of having your belongings visible, accessible and well organized.

You want to be able to get it easily when you need it - and have a place to put it back, so when you need it again you don’t have to start a search party. In other words, making life easier.

And it’s important that each area in your home be organized in such a way so that the specific needs of that particular space be met appropriately.

In your clothes closets you want to be able to see the clothing. If you can’t see it you won’t wear it. You want the garments to have enough space so after they are put away they won’t be wrinkled or put in harm’s way. For example it’s not a good idea to put a garment that sheds (like an angora sweater) next to a garment that is like a magnet (a velvet dress comes to mind).

You want to organize the way you want things to be.

Maybe by color or season. Dressy, casual, hanging out clothes…whatever your style, you want to make it easy to get to everything and to have all the clever accessories that make it easy to put together your closet in the best possible way.

A pull out valet bar to use when taking plastic off dry cleaning or putting together an outfit is incredibly useful. Dedicated storage systems for your shoes, your scarves, your belts, your handbags…everything you need to get it just right and make your life easier, remember, that’s the goal when creating closet solutions that work.

pull out valet bar with hanging suit jackets

Similar but different specific strategies must be applied to all of the other areas that you wish to organize.

Your laundry room is set up differently than your home office. Your mudroom or entry hall has to work differently and to look different than your garage or your basement.

Whatever the space, there are strategies, guidelines and accessories to make the organization and utilization really function optimally and to make the most of your investment in closet solutions for your home.


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