Organized mudroom with locker style cubbies

Create a Guest-Ready Mudroom Before The Holiday Season

For many of us, the holidays are a joyful time that that also brings a bit of stress because it means hosting guests. There are so many things to take into consideration—how many people are coming over, what are you cooking, what are your guests bringing and—if your guests are from out of town—where’s everyone sleeping?

Then there’s the task of getting your house cleaned, organized and guest-ready. This is no small feat when you and your kids are on the move with work, school, extracurricular activities, cooking and homework every day.

One of these spots that could use some extra attention is your mudroom—the entryway space that becomes a catch-all for you and your kids’ bags, coats, mail, homework assignments, sports equipment and shoes. If you find yourself spending 30 minutes at the end of each week organizing and reorganizing this high-traffic space, it may be time to give it some extra attention before the holiday season.

Here’s how to create a clean, organized and guest-ready mudroom this season.


Start with a deep clean

Getting your mudroom ready for the onslaught of relatives and friends starts with a good cleaning. That means mopping the floors and taking steps to reduce how much dirt is tracked through the house by adding additional all-weather mats. Check out our step-by-step tips on cleaning your mudroom.

Store items in closed storage

Your entryway is a drop zone for you and your family’s need-it-everyday-things. But there are some items you might want to remove before guests arrive. Having a mix of open storage like hooks and shelves, and closed storage like cabinets and drawers, give you the option to stash mail, pet supplies, kids’ papers and projects and whatever else you’d rather your guests not see during the holidays. And since you’re not relocating these items to another room in the house, they’re still within reach when you need them.

Custom built mudroom for guests to hang up coats or jackets or put on shoes


Add hooks and drawers for winter gear

Storing guests’ coats, gloves hats and other winter gear in a far-away bedroom is not only time-consuming, it’s also inconvenient for guests who need to get to their coat or bag while at your house. Add enough hooks in your mudroom for family members and guests. Plenty of drawer space also ensures that everyone will have a spot to store their cold-weather accessories.

Encourage guests to remove their shoes in your entryway


Guest ready mudroom with shoe shelves and seating area

The last thing you want is guests tracking snow, dirt, leaves and anything else through your house. Encourage them to remove their shoes in your mudroom by providing bench seating and cubbies, under-bench storage or a boot tray for wet shoes.

The entryway is likely one of the first rooms your guests will see when they arrive—make it an inviting space with room to store outdoor gear and a spot to remove shoes. It’ll allow you to focus on entertaining and keep your house clean through the holiday season and beyond.

If you’re interested in creating a guest-ready mudroom, reach out to us to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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