Custom media center and entertainment area

How to Create the Ultimate Entertainment Space in Your Home

What could be better than settling in after a hard day’s work with a great movie in your own home entertainment space? Home theater and other entertainment areas aren’t just for the rich and famous anymore. With so many people spending time at home instead of going out every weekend, beautiful and well-designed media storage can make your custom home entertainment room the most sought-out spot on the house.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a little or a lot of space to fill. We can design and fabricate exactly what you had in mind. And if you’re not sure what you want, our designers can help you find the inspiration. While you’re planning, remember that your home entertainment space needs to be a functional, beautiful spot to unwind alone or with family and friends.

Here are ideas on how to create the perfect entertainment center space.

Media center with floating shelves and entertainment center

Well Planned Media Storage Fits Right

Entertainment centers have evolved from the days when a cookie-cutter, DIY shelving unit held some of your most expensive electronics. The better way is a custom media storage system, and for that you’ll need a designer. Before you worry about the cost of such special attention, remember that the Closet Works guarantees the best value on everything. You’ll get the finest quality, but at very reasonable prices.

You shouldn’t worry about smaller spaces, either, according to HGTV. While many people dream about an oversized media room that resembles a real movie house, a small media room with a proportionate storage system paired with a comfortable sectional sofa can be cozy and warm. No matter what space you’re working with, start by working with a designer.

Entertainment Center with pull open cabinets finished in classic white

Your System Will Perform Right, Too

Part of what differentiates a media or entertainment room from a plain living room is beautiful media storage cabinetry with a distinct purpose. It’s all about the media storage. If you’ve ever struggled with the right fit for your TV, wondered how to manage cords, or dealt with wrong-size shelves for all of your electronic components, imagine a system where you don’t have to hope that everything will work and look great.

Custom storage functions just right because it’s designed for your entertainment system components. That’s what Home Design Lover says is one of the best parts of a home theater. Everything has its own spot, and each spot is designed for the component. That means no more odd-size space for the TV, no tangled and visible cords, and no altering the unit to make something fit better.

With a convertible bed, your home entertainment space serves double duty.

Zoom room bed with entertainment center

The Design Choices are Virtually Endless

Do you want a sleek, Euro-style media storage system? What about a warm, woodgrain unit with glass doors that complement the other furnishings in your home? Choosing the appearance of your system is where the design gets really fun.

Maybe some of the doors will be solid, and some will have glass inserts with a special effect such as rippled glass. Do you want a column of shelves to store movies and another for books (entertainment doesn’t have to be electronic) and collectibles? No matter what you want, you really can choose everything right down to the hardware and finish color. If you are interested in maximizing your space, think about combining your entertainment room with a spare guest bed that rolls out at the touch of a button.

Media rooms are becoming more important and desirable in average homes. They’re more than a place to watch TV or listen to music; they’re relaxing retreats that make home the nicest place to be. With the right media storage, your space can look just as good as being at home feels. Contact us when you’re ready for your own space to relax and unwind with a great movie or a big game.

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