Creating Eco Friendly Home

Creating an Eco Friendly Home

Is your home green? That is, is it environmentally friendly? While 10 years ago that statement would have people thinking about living off the land and creating homes that were uncommon, today it is very much the goal. In fact, every facet of your home can incorporate some types of eco-friendly features. The next time you head to the store to purchase an appliance, purchase the efficient model.

Do you need to upgrade your home’s heating and cooling system? Consider one powered by geo thermal energy. But, what about remodeling? What steps are you taking to ensure your home’s next renovation is one that’s focused on efficiency and eco-friendly methods?

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Ways You Can Be More Environmentally Friendly Within Your Home Without Spending Too Much

As you look for avenues for improving the way your home functions for you, be sure you choose methods that are environmentally friendly. Here’s a few simple ways you can do that.

Material Matters

When purchasing things like kitchen cabinetry or closet systems, it is always a good idea to learn not just what type of wood or wood-based products will be used, but where they come from as well. Unfortunately, not all suppliers and manufacturers, especially those in countries that have very loose standards, adhere to environmentally conscious methods.

A good example of how you can avoid this is by turning to a company like The Closet Works, Inc. Our incredible systems provide you with all of the luxury and beauty you desire, but they do so with a focus on the planet. The company sources most of its melamine laminate particle board, for example, from North America, where quality and standards are very high.

How can you know companies are truly going to be trusted to provide quality, sustainable products?

The material you invest in has to be quality, but it also needs to be environmentally sustainable. That’s why The Closet Works Inc. works with only the very best companies available.

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Air Protection

Have you thought about air quality? When you are making changes to your home, buying new appliances, or even purchasing a new home, you need to learn about the quality of air protection those products provide. There are two facets to this.

First, you want to ensure the company is producing products in a way that is environmentally safe and not through methods that damage the ozone. Second, you want to use products that do not contain harsh chemicals that could make your children sick. Look for California Air Resource Board-certified products as these are safer than others.

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Make Your Own Changes

There are many other ways you can improve energy efficiency:

  • When adding new light fixtures to your home or electrical components, invest in solar panels and solar power.
  • Use power-saving systems that reduce how frequently the lights and power are on.
  • Recycle items you don’t need, including old appliances, closet materials, and even extra clothes rather than tossing them into a landfill.

In virtually every facet of your life, you will find ways that you can be more green. Upgrading your home to meet even the most demanding needs is possible while still meeting specific guidelines for sustainability and environmentally friendliness.

Always invest in design, technology, and products that are made with the Earth in mind. Your home can be the cutting-edge, beautiful property you want it to be and it can also help you to feel good about your investments.

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