Jewelry Cabinet with sliding racks and hooks with hanging necklaces

Our Best Closet System Ideas

At The Closet Works, we understand that “being organized” is different for each and every client. People have different needs, desires, tastes, budgets and criteria as to what is most important to them. Due the wide range of customers that we have dealt with over the past 30 years, we have a tremendous catalogue of ideas, designs and approaches to give us a great starting point for almost any project. That being said, we are still coming up with all kinds of new, unique, and truly special solutions and approaches to adapt to changing needs and improve our offerings.

Here are some closet system ideas that set us apart and have contributed to our long term success:

Chic style walk-in closet design finished in high gloss

Slide-Out Scarf Rack

We create solutions where there was previously no really good way to accomplish certain things. For example, we have created a system for drying fine woolens and knits that allows them to be placed flat on a slide-out grid so they can dry without having to be hung, which can cause misshaping in the shoulders.

We don’t have one way to solve a problem, we have numerous ways based on the customer’s needs and preferences. We can store scarves on shelves, or in roll-outs, or we can hang them on specially designed rack or a rod within a vertical pull-out which keeps them dust and wrinkle-free. Everybody has different preferences for how they would like to store their possessions.

Shoe Storage

Shoes are another good example of diversity in storage options. Some sandals and athletic shoes can go into cubbies, nested, to get a lot of pairs in a smaller space. Everyday shoes can be stored on adjustable shelves, allowing for different height shoes to be grouped together. Leather pumps can be showcased on slanted shoe shelves. The angled shelf makes it is easy to see all of the shoes, even those on higher shelves. Dressy suede or cloth shoes can be stored behind doors to keep them dust-free or in boxes on shelves for maximum protection. You can even make a double depth cabinet and have slide-out shelves, doubling the number of pairs that you can have in one span, saving wall space.

Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers don’t seem like a “hi-tech” idea but when you can create exactly the storage system you want for all kinds of belongings (underwear, hosiery, lingerie, belts, ties, etc.), life becomes more organized, easier and less stressful.

Jewelry Cabinet

There are so many ways to store and display jewelry that we just don’t have enough space to address them here. Options include velvet jewelry inserts within drawers, a series of multiple slide-out jewelry trays behind swinging or flip-down doors, a vertical pull-out with cubbies or pegs for hanging necklaces and bracelets. The possibilities are endless and can be customized to your specific requirements.

Display Lighting

Lighting can be an important functional component for any closet system design. It can also be used as an aesthetic feature to highlight certain belongings such as shoes, purses, jewelry, knick-knacks and more. Or it can simply provide a mood while you are in your own personal space, and even make the room appear larger. There are a variety of lighting options from LED lighting down the length of a door, illuminating the items on a shelf to recessed and puck lighting systems. Wiring is run through the doors making it nearly invisible and an electrician is not needed since our networked lighting systems are plugged into a standard wall outlet. A stylish chandeliers can add elegance and style to your project, the services of an electrician will be required for installation of a ceiling mounted hard wired fixture, but such a piece adds an immeasurable cache to your upscale project.

Organized walk-in closet with glass shelves and center bench area

If you have questions about any of these ideas or want to gather more information, feel free to reach out to us for a free design consultation. Alternatively, you can schedule a time to speak with one of our highly experienced Designers about these closet design ideas and more.

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