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By: Closet Works Inc. on June 11th, 2014

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Custom Closet Design – A Game Changer


The world is composed of two types of people. Those who enjoy all of the benefits and advantages that good, custom closet design can bring, and those unfortunate, unenlightened folks who have yet to experience the ecstasy that comes from exposure to superior organization.

Man's custom closet design

Seriously though, for those of you who have not yet had your closets and other storage spaces professionally organized there is no time like the present to enter into the process that can yield a clutter free existence…a state that can change the way that you go about your business.

The steps to achieving this desirable goal are most easily carried out when you enlist the aid of a professional closet designer

A true pro can lead you down the path to organization with a minimum amount of effort on your part. A good closet designer will follow a procedure created to ensure that you get the maximum utilization that your space will permit, with economy, efficiency and aesthetic considerations all appropriately considered.

1. The expert custom closet designer will first measure and examine the space

Where are the potential problems and interferences from things like lighting fixtures, switches, HVAC registers and returns, trim, moldings, access panels, utility boxes and the like? 

2. A detailed review of your belongings and how you prefer them to be stored will ensue.

Your preferences will be factored into the final design assuring that your comfort level with the new system is high from day one. Then you can talk about the aesthetics of the plan and decide exactly how you want your new closet system to look. Traditional, contemporary, simple or spectacular, the choice is yours. All of these factors and more must be covered if you are to have a truly personalized and excellent custom closet design.

3. The Installation

Finally, the installation day comes and as you excitedly anticipate the arrival of the skilled technicians who will transform your space into your own personal boutique you can be confident and secure in the thought that you have done exactly what it takes to create just the right custom closet design to create order where there once was chaos. And then…enjoy!


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