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Custom Closet and Interior Design: What’s Trending in 2018?

Home and interior design trends continue to evolve—and custom home organization solutions are no exception.

We talked to some local interior designers and friends of The Closet Works about what’s trending when it comes to design and custom organization solutions in 2018. They discussed which new trends have taken hold over the past year and what will continue to catch the eye of home and condo owners throughout 2018. Here’s what they had to say.

Trending Custom Closet And Interior Design Ideas

Closet Design Ideas

1. Clean, Contemporary Lines

Whether it’s kitchen cabinets, bookcases, TV stands or custom closets, homeowners are trading in furniture with elaborate details for clean, contemporary lines. Carved moldings, curves and ornamental flourishes are out for 2018; straight lines and a modern look are in.

“There were years when everyone wanted their house to look like Tuscany,” said Jay Leistner of Phase 2 Architecture and Interiors. Now, there’s a general trend toward simple, modern and even minimalist design.

Trending walk-in custom closet design

2. The Closet as an All-Encompassing Room

Custom closets are also doing more work for homeowners now. Homeowners are moving away from clothing storage in the bedroom and are now relying more on their closets for storing everything. “We’re eliminating dressers in the bedroom,” said Donna Massey of Exquisite Design. Losing furniture in the bedroom means that closets are working harder for homeowners, with plenty of drawers, roll-outs and hanging storage.

Massey adds that closets are becoming “that all-encompassing room” for her clients, which means that people are organizing their clothes, but also getting ready in their closets every day. She’s even seen an uptick in the number of custom, in-closet vanity requests.

Trending Walk-in closet showcasing glass shelves and a flip up vanity

3. More Efficient Storage

Many millennials are doing more with less space, a trend that will continue in 2018. What does this mean for closets? While creating a boutique look and feel inside the closet by displaying shoes and handbags is still popular when the space is available, many people are beginning to use space more efficiently. This means a trend toward more double hanging and less long-hanging storage, and more roll-outs for shoes and clothing.

“People are becoming more comfortable with deeper shoe shelves that roll out so you have a couple of pairs back to back to each other,” said Leistner, who also noted that the popularity of flats versus heels is driving this evolution, in part.

Trending custom built wood wardrobe with slide out shelves and shoe cubbies

4. Brushed Brass and Antique Gold Hardware

Chrome, brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze have had their moments, and are still popular hardware choices. But brass and antique gold hardware is making a comeback. “The brushed gold finish is showing up in accessories, furniture—contemporary and traditional,” said Phillip Greenberg of The Closet Works.

Trending gold antique decorative hardware handle

No, it’s not the brass that you saw in the 1980s. This year’s brass is muted or brushed, an understated look that adds a softness to cool grays and blues that are also trending right now.

If you’re ready for your custom closet to work harder for you, schedule an in-home consultation with us. We’ll connect you with a Designer who can help you design a custom organization solution that fits your needs.

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