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Custom Playroom Ideas for Your Kids

Ever feel like life is moving too fast? With summer approaching, this time of year is no exception, especially if you have small children! Summer is a great time to spend time with your kids when they’re home from school, but let’s face it—spending all day with your children can be hard when you’re still trying to work from home or even when you have household tasks you need to complete. 

When you have to sneak away to your custom-built home office to get some work done, do your kids have a space of their own to play? 

Today we’ll discuss some custom playroom options to keep the kids occupied and keep your space organized. 


What are Your Goals for the Space?

As with every project, we always suggest taking the time to sit down to plan out exactly what you want so the finished product exceeds your family’s needs. 

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The components of your custom playroom will depend on various individual factors. Consider the types of toys and accessories you have to store or display, the age of your child or children, their favorite activities, and the types of skills you want them to build as they’re playing. 

Will you need a seating area for your child to curl up with a book? A comfy chair or couch for the adults to supervise or co-play? Are there toys you want to store away behind closed doors? Do you need open storage so your child’s most-loved toys are always within reach?     


Playroom Considerations for Young Children 

With younger children, prioritize designs and features that are simple and safe. Storage shelves are great for keeping items off the floor, but they shouldn’t tempt children to climb and reach their favorite toys when you’re not around. 

A custom storage system allows you to store your child’s favorite toys low enough for small hands to reach, while storing other toys that require adult supervision higher up with doors or locks—out of sight, out of mind. Built-in shelving and custom cabinets can also provide a more polished, elegant look while giving you the peace of mind that curious minds won’t pull heavy shelving units on top of themselves when playing. 

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Other Safe Storage Considerations for All Ages

When it comes to accessories and the smaller details of your custom project, the age of your children should be a major consideration. A toy chest is a great solution for storing away toys and teaching children about tidying up. But with small children, toy boxes with lift-up doors can be unsafe—think pinched fingers and sibling disputes that end in bruised heads and tears. 

The safer alternative? An open-concept shelf or soft-close sliding doors built into your custom storage unit. This is also an ideal solution for areas where you may need a table or workspace for crafts or puzzles. And don’t forget the child-size tables and chairs so your little ones have a space where they can easily sit and work without risk of injury. 

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Encourage Independent Play and Clean Up

Independent play is just as important as cooperative play. It helps children build their confidence and creativity, and can give parents a much-needed break. However, it’s important that you feel safe and comfortable leaving your child alone in the space. 

Remember, there are many ways to make your child feel independent while also ensuring their safety. Crayons and coloring books can be tucked away in pull-out drawers or bins. Toy fire trucks and blocks can be stored in open cubbies. Sensory bins with tiny pieces can be stored behind closed doors for times when mom or dad are nearby to supervise. 

But how do you empower your children to keep the space tidy and organized? Implement a routine and make it fun. Before transitioning to a new activity, get them in the habit of putting toys back on shelves or in cubbies and bins with a fun song. Make storage options easily accessible so kids can do all the work themselves. 

And don’t forget to do a toy purge several times a year to free your space of unused toys. Spending time with your children cleaning out old toys and donating them to children in need is a great way to promote a clutter-free playroom. This is especially important after holidays or birthdays as your child’s toy collection grows. 

Once you have all the toys you know you want to keep, work with your children to organize the cubbies. Alphabetize each item, sort them by color or type, or find your own creative way to get organized. This will teach your children the importance of organization early on. 

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Ready to Start Creating Your Custom Playroom? 

Creating a safe, fun play environment that’s customized to your child’s age and interests encourages healthy play. As a parent, it can also help you be more productive and focus on the task at hand instead of worrying about your child’s safety.  

If you’re ready to completely customize a playroom storage solution tailored to your family’s needs, reach out today and schedule a consultation! We’ll talk through your vision and come up with an affordable solution that accommodates your space and your personal tastes. 

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