Walk in closet with center island and clothing hung on both sides

How Customized Storage And Organization Methods Work Together


Customized storage truly fulfills the saying, “a place for everything and everything in its place”. There is nothing better than a space designed specifically to fit your needs. However, getting from A to Z isn’t always intuitive or straightforward. Organizing is much more than a quick clean up or decluttering session. Organization is most effective when systems are set up and specific products are implemented that make it possible for people to keep living NEAT, even after their space is initially set up. Here are four ways NEAT Method Philadelphia, a professional home organizing company, can help when you’re having a custom closet installed.

Organized closet with beautiful center island

NEAT Knows What You Have and Your Needs

Taking inventory is vital to creating functional storage. Imagine having twenty pairs of heels and a design only planned for ten! We want to ensure this step is right. As professional organizers, we see and touch everything our clients own, which means we often times know more precisely what our clients have than they even know. We want to get to know our clients — what do they wear on a daily basis and do they like to grocery shop in bulk. This enables us to recommend a customized system that will be effective and sustainable.

Edit Your Space with NEAT

Getting new customized storage is a great opportunity to edit your belongings. This can be completed before, during or after an installation. Some of our go-to steps include tossing expired items like food or medicines, pulling aside clothes that are well-loved and sorting papers that can be filed or shredded. NEAT will consign, donate and toss any approved items to ensure your new space will be functional for your daily needs.

NEAT Will Create a Blank Canvas

A time-consuming step during an installation is clearing out the space and putting your items back in the space when it is complete. NEAT is happy to help! This is the perfect moment to streamline our process. As we clear out your space, we can sort and categorize your items, purchase any further organizational solutions like bins or hangers, and start planning the appropriate flow and zones in your new space. Once the space is installed, we’ll be ready to implement your belongings quickly and efficiently.

Organized shoe shelves in walk-in closet

NEAT Will Put the Finishing Touch on Your Space

After the closet is installed, we like to come back and make it look exactly like the images you were shown when you decided to purchase the best custom closets. There is nothing better than a closet with matching hangers, hand-picked bins and a color-coded wardrobe. We promise your new space will be functional and match the aesthetics of your home. Most importantly, you’ll be prepared to maintain your beautiful new space.

Closet drawer with hosiery organized in drawer inserts

NEAT Method is a full-service organizing company that is completely custom to each client’s specific needs. We are committed to providing a more luxurious and smartly appointed living space. We recognize that life gets hectic and that maintaining an organized home can become a challenge. NEAT Method will organize, purchase and implement solutions, and donate and consign any unwanted items leaving our clients with nothing left to do but enjoy their space.

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