Livingroom with custom glass sliding doors and patterned design

Different Types of Sliding Doors

Did you know…? According to a recent report, sliding doors are in demand and the demand has been growing annually by 4% ever since 2016! It was estimated that in 2020, the sliding door market had hit an all time high and was worth $14.95 billion.

Not sure if sliding doors are trendy or chic enough for your taste?, as well as and Pinterest, all agree that sliding doors are not only in style, but they’re a great option, regardless of your taste! Be it farmhouse, modern, or somewhere in between, sliding doors are in and can be adapted for any aesthetic, room or storage space.

Before we get a head of ourselves, however, let’s start with some basic information to get you caught up with the experts.

What is a sliding door?

To put it simply, a sliding door – sometimes referred to as a doorwall – opens and closes horizontally and is built parallel to the wall. These doors slide along tracks, either hanging on a track at the top or rolling along a bottom track. Sliding doors can be configured as a single panel or multi-panel to create many diverse aesthetic options.

What’s so special about sliding doors anyway?

Sliding doors are not only beautiful, they also slide smoothly and give you easy access to the space. Sliding doors can be made with mirror panels so that you can literally have a wall of mirrors to give the room a more open feel. An additional benefit is they don’t open into the room, so you don’t have to worry about door-swing interference with furniture, or anything else.

Now that we’ve covered all of the basics about sliding doors, we’ll now take you on a visual tour of the different styles of doors and various applications that might suit your needs.

Where can you put sliding doors?

#1: Custom-made sliding doors are great for reach-in closets. You can conceal the contents, and yet, add beauty to your room.

Sliding doors with glass insert closed Sliding doors with glass insert open

#2: Speaking of color, these high-gloss sliding doors with a streak of magenta add personality to the room.

Sliding doors with magenta color stripe on mirrors

#3: Frosted glass doors for a bedroom closet can be seen in the image below.

Frosted glass sliding doors

This next example shows how muted tones with a wood grain can create visual interest.

Sliding doors with wood grain finish

#4Sliding pantry doors for your kitchen don’t have to be white. A wide variety of colors, patterns, finishes and textures are at your disposal so you can create your ideal design and/or match existing décor.

These images show two different interpretations of a wood and glass combo.

Sliding door with wood and glass combo  Sliding doors in living room area with wood and glass combo

#5: When it comes to your bathroom, translucent doors can be an appealing option or you can use solid or wood grain colored sections.

Translucent sliding glass doors in pantry

#6: We’re using darker colors for panels in these garages. Your gear is kept out of sight but, and most importantly, you don’t need to worry about the doors swinging open and causing damage to your vehicle, or taking up valuable parking space.

Sliding doors in garage open with outdoor equipment  Dark toned sliding doors with light stripe accent in garage with car parked

#7: If you’re a fan of open-concept living spaces but still want the option of privacy, sliding doors can give you the best of both worlds. Create separation in one large space!

Pink sliding glass doors spearating living room and bedroom

#8: When it comes to a bedroom, the choices can be endless – but that’s not a bad thing!

If you’re interested in making the primary bedroom appear larger, try mirrors on the outside of your reach-in closet.

Sliding glass mirrored doors in bedroom

Floor-to-ceiling doors are a great way to make a space feel larger.

Classic style bedroom with mirrored sliding glass doors

#9: Living rooms can benefit from sliding doors, too. Not only can you add architectural interest, but you can conceal your media center or wall unit, if you so choose.

Patterned and stylish custom glass sliding doors in living room

#10: The red sliding doors in this home office add style and make a statement!

Red sliding glass doors in modern style office

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Due to both increased demand and supply chain disruptions, sliding doors are currently subject to increased lead times.

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