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By: Closet Works Inc. on April 28th, 2014

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Discover How Custom Closet Designs Can Transform Your Home


Maximizing all available space effectively is of significant importance to the modern homeowner. Many are considering home renovations simply to add more areas in which to store belongings efficiently. However, before considering a construction project, it would be advisable for homeowners to review other lower cost options for saving space and revitalizing living areas. Custom closet designs from experts such as The Closet Works, Inc. could be the ideal cost-effective alternative to an expensive home remodel.

The Closet Works, Inc. is a company with a broad range of experience the home improvement industry gained by doing projects for almost 25 years. The company’s design consultants have an average of 16 years’ experience in designing a wide variety of storage solutions for the modern American family.

Reach in closet with double hanging, shoe shelves and pull out drawers

Identify Storage Needs

One of the reasons the company is able to achieve custom closet designs superior to other organizations is that they delve deeper into the homeowner’s requirements, asking questions that others don’t. These questions are integral to creating a truly meaningful design process.

For example, when working with homeowners, the design consultant will ask how they prefer their clothing to be stored: Do they like to have their shirts folded or hung? What size shoes do they wear and how do they like them stored: cubbies for sandals? How about slacks: hung long or folded over the hanger?

They also ask them about the physical characteristics of the person sharing the space, to ensure it features the optimal specifications for a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing design suitable for all users. AND the design consultants measure everything!

Options and Variety

The company’s commitment to meeting client demands is evident within their broad-ranging catalogue.

Clients will discover a full suite of customizable closet systems, from contemporary to traditional designs that add true elegance to any home décor while providing the utmost in space utilization. And because the company offers best value pricing on each of its systems, The Closet Works, Inc. customers are guaranteed a cost-effective solution to meet their unique needs.

The company manufactures its products in state-of-the-art facilities in Pennsylvania. By designing and manufacturing its own products, The Closet Works, Inc. is able to retain tight control over the entire operation, thus ensuring a trusted, high quality product line that is completely expert-driven.

High Quality Material

Durability is one of the most important qualities of the The Closet Works, Inc. line of products. We offer a limited lifetime warranty plus our 2mm edge banding is guaranteed never to chip or peel. This commitment to quality has resulted in a large base of return customers during The Closet Works many years in business.

With 19 stock colors and wood grains plus and array of unique non-stock items, clients can select just the right material, color and design to complement their ideal custom closet project. The Closet Works, Inc. is considered the ideal choice for homeowners looking to capitalize on the unused space within their home.

To learn more about the organization and schedule a free consultation with one of their custom closet design experts, contact their headquarters today. Qualified personnel with years of industry experience are standing-by to answer all questions.


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