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Discover How Custom Closet Designs Can Transform Your Home

Maximizing the available space and finding the most efficient way to store and organize everyday items is important to the modern homeowner. Many consider home renovations simply to add additional space and increase their storage. However, before beginning a construction project, consider more cost effective options for saving space and revitalizing living areas. Custom closets designed by experienced professionals could be the ideal alternative to an expensive home remodel.

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Identify Storage Needs

Why are custom closet company designs superior?

Closet companies delve deeper into the homeowner’s requirements, asking the questions that others don’t. These questions are integral to creating a truly meaningful design process.

For example, the design consultant will ask how you prefer your clothing to be stored: Do you like to have shirts folded or hung? What size shoes do you wear and how do you like them stored: cubbies for sandals? How about slacks: hung long or folded over the hanger?

They also ask about the physical characteristics of the people sharing the space, to ensure it features the optimal specifications for a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing design that is suitable for all users. In order to accomplish this successfully the design consultants will measure everything and make suitable recommendations based on their discovery.

In the end, all of the prep work ahead of time helps create an efficient and functional space where everything has its own place, is visible and easily accessible.




Home Storage And Organization For Every Room

Custom closets go further than just a reach-in or walk-in for your bedroom. They also include innovative storage solutions for other areas in your home including kitchen pantries, entertainment centers, garage systems, craft and hobby rooms, laundry rooms, Murphy beds, mudrooms, home offices and more.

A new organizational system will not only transform your home, but also your life. The optimal storage solution will minimize overflow and clutter. Getting out of the home on time will be quicker and easier because items will be where you need them. Keeping your space organized will be a snap since each item will have its own designated place and can easily be returned to its proper location. You could even create an organized multi-purpose space such as a bedroom and home office system when a designated guest room is not an option.

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Style Options and Accessories

No matter if your preferred style is contemporary, traditional, or eclectic, there are options that are sure to add true elegance to your home décor while providing the utmost in space utilization.

Accessories can take a design to the next level and truly enhance functionality. Items like valet bars are ideal for hanging items when planning an outfit for the day or for holding dry cleaning. Hooks are great for jackets and coats, especially in mudrooms and entryways so they don’t end up in a pile by the door. Drawer inserts and racks are great for organizing ties and belts depending on whether you prefer them to be rolled up or hung. Baskets are great for linen closets to store additional towels and wash cloths for guests. Fold-up ironing boards can be integrated in the cabinetry or onto the wall and stored easily away when not in use.




To learn more about the organization and how an effective custom storage solution can transform your home, reach out to us for a free in-home design consultation. Qualified personnel with years of industry experience are waiting to help and answer any questions you may have.

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