Organized Pantry filled with all kinds of food

End-of-Summer Pantry Prep

Once hot days turn to chilly nights, we know it’s a sign summer is dwindling. This is usually a good time to head inside and check in on your pantry. Not only for back-to-school season, but for the upcoming months typically filled with friends, family, and a lot of food. 

Let’s talk about how to get your pantry ready for fall tailgating parties and the upcoming holiday season. That doesn’t mean running out to get your Christmas ham. However, revamping your pantry now so you’ll know what you have, what you need, and where it’s stored when it’s time to prepare your Thanksgiving feast is a great idea. 

Organizing Your Canned Goods

It’s easy to mix up the cranberry sauce with the green beans because they come in similar cans. Canned goods can be tricky and are easily lost among the pantry clutter. After all, what’s Thanksgiving without cranberry sauce? And who wants to go digging for Rotel to make dip before the big game? We have a solution that will save you both time and money! 

Putting risers in your pantry is a great way to ensure you can see the labels of all the cans you have. This will also help you avoid emergency trips to the store or purchasing duplicate items. 

Tiered pull out drawers pantry

Pro Tip: Keep cans you reach for often, or know you’ll reach for soon, on the front part of the risers for easy access. 


Organizing Produce While Keeping it Fresh

Everyone knows trying to get into any grocery store a day or two before a major holiday or game day can be a train wreck. It’s important to go a few days or a week before your gathering. But how do you keep your produce fresh for that long? Here’s a tip so you don’t have to scramble last-minute for your favorite items. 

Pull-out baskets are a great way to clear up valuable counter space while making shelf-stable produce last longer tucked away safely in your pantry. This is a smart way to extend the life of your produce and prevent bruising. 

Pantry with wire basket

Pro Tip: Planning a veggie party tray? Submerge peeled carrots in water in an air-tight container in the fridge so they’ll last longer.

Organizing Snacks & Chips

When you’re hosting a Halloween party, you don’t want to be scrambling to find what you need hours before guests arrive. This is where tiered lazy Susans make your life easier. You don’t have to dig through bags of chips and boxes of crackers only to find what you need was shoved to the back of the pantry and is now crushed. 

A tiered lazy Susan gives you ample space for all of the items you want to store, with the ability to see everything you have in your arsenal with just the turn of a tier. Since all tiers move separately, it’s our fail-proof way to make sure nothing gets left to pantry clutter.

Pro Tip: Try organizing each tier with like-items so you always know where your go-to pantry items are placed. 

Lazy Susan organizing pantry items


There’s no need to rush and go out and panic-buy! Planning your pantry layout can save you time and money once it’s time to host gatherings and start picking up the holiday staples. 

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