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Does Your Carpenter Really Understand What Makes a Closet Great?

As seasons change, so does your wardrobe. Swapping out warm winter woolies for light spring dresses in an over-crowded closet can be a chore. Wouldn’t it be easier if you had some killer closet organizer ideas that might lessen the need for so much changeover as well as enabling you to get more stuff in your closet in the first place?

We often encounter customers who start out by telling us they know exactly what they want. The reality is they may know exactly what they want to accomplish, but how to get from point A to point B is the trick. And you can’t do that with an off-the-shelf “modular” closet system or a design from a carpenter or a handyman.

You see, closet design is a specific skill and it takes a trained Designer to maximize the space that you have and turn it into the most efficient storage space possible.

You may well be surprised at how affordable a custom design, created specifically for your space and your belongings utilizing the latest in accessories and hardware, can be. By consulting with an experienced closet Designer, chances are that what you end up with is the true realization of your concept, made the best it can be.

Walk in closet with vanity and mirrored doors

Here are some things to watch out for in designs… things that will make your closet organizer ideas less efficient and less user-friendly by ignoring industry design standards.

  1. Don’t accept a design that puts one row (A) of hanging clothes in front of another row (B) of clothes that is running into the corner. Lots of non- professionals make this error and it makes it very difficult to access the items hanging on wall B.
  2. Make sure you measure your belongings so shelf width and section height will actually accommodate your things – without waste. No point in having a 24” wide shoe shelf when 3 pair of “her” shoes will fit on a 21” wide shelf. You’ll pay for extra material and waste space that could be used for other things.
  3. Check out the depth of a section as well. Most shoes will fit on 12” deep shelves. So if your shoe sections are 16” deep, you are paying for material you won’t be using, taking up additional room space, and it looks awkward as well. You wouldn’t wear a garment 3 sizes too big, would you? It’s the same principle.
  4. How high is your hanging rod? If you are 5’2” tall, can you reach a rod at 94” off the floor? Not so easily. Your own physical “specs” need to be taken into account

Custom walk-in closet with double hangers, cubbies and custom shleves all with a white finish

This is just a very short list of the kinds of things that a professional closet designer will address. If your designer, carpenter or handyman does not address these issues and many more along similar lines, at the end of the project your dream will not have been fulfilled.

If you are not an expert (and after all, why would you be), we would be happy to help. No cost. No obligation. Just an opportunity for us to show you closet organizer ideas that really work, correctly, beautifully and affordably. Reach out to us for a free in home-design consultation.

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