Everything You Need to Know About Convertible Beds

If you’ve got a space problem, and need more sleeping room, a convertible bed could be the answer. Smart sleeper options and technologies have really advanced over the years while you weren’t looking.

You can now choose from several different approaches to getting the extra bed space that you need. And if you think there’s no way that a convertible bed could be comfortable, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

What Puts the “Convertible” in a Convertible Bed

The most traditional of all convertible beds are sleeper sofas and Murphy beds, which pull down from a wall. But you can tuck a bed almost anywhere with the sleeping technology available today.

Classic bed sizes – even king size – fit into a compact space, and most of them work double duty. In the daytime, your room can look like any other. Maybe there’s an entertainment center in the living room, but hidden inside is a complete bed. Or maybe the unit is a desk with storage, and a twin bed folds out with almost no effort.

Practically any type of cabinetry can house a convertible bed. They fold down, pull out, or tilt over and set up in a snap. And because we custom build your unit to fit your home, it fits the way that you need it and matches your decor.

Some Convertible Beds are High Tech

In addition to beds that fold down, pull-out or tilt over, there’s a technologically advanced bed that’s just about as effortless as it can be.

Zoom-Room beds are concealed inside beautiful, functional cabinetry just like any other – except they’re automatic. With the touch of a button, a bed of any size bed rolls out and sets up on its own. Just as important, it retracts automatically, too.

Zoom-Room beds use a high-quality memory foam mattress, so sleep comfort is always great. And because of the unique design, the cabinetry looks more like a traditional entertainment center or storage system that you’d see in any home, and less like a bed in disguise. Zoom-Room is great choice for anyone, and it’s especially handy for people who prefer a bed that sets up effortlessly.

A convertible bed solves many common  sleeping arrangement problems. You don’t need a tiny bed or lumpy futon in a studio apartment, and comfortable guest accommodations are available at the touch of a button. In a kid’s room, a complete bed (even bunk beds) can hide inside a sturdy desk and tilt out easily at bedtime.

Whatever your needs, the Closet Works can help you create the perfect solution for your home. You can choose from a wide range of cabinet styles, features and finishes, and we’ll create a convertible bed that fits and functions perfectly.

Schedule a free design consultation to learn more about the surprising storage options and many ways that convertible beds can transform any living room, bedroom, home office or spare room in your home.

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