Everything You Need to Know about Custom Wardrobe Design

Have you ever considered a wardrobe instead of a custom closet? Some closets are so tiny that even the smartest improvement still can’t offer the storage space you need. And in some homes, particularly older ones, there may be no closets to improve at all. That’s where a wardrobe closet saves the day.

A custom wardrobe design can be anything that you want. It’s a perfect alternative to reach-in or walk-in closets, especially if the storage you have is chronically short on size and function.

A Wardrobe Closet Looks Like Beautiful Furniture

You’ve probably seen freestanding hanging racks. You might even have one, especially if yours is an older home. But where racks look utilitarian, a wardrobe complements the room that it was designed for. It’s not just beautiful. It can have practically any aesthetic from traditional to sleek and modern.

Our designers can help you create a custom wardrobe closet that suits your style. Choose from a wide range of design elements, colors and finishes, and even choose your hardware. Add glass door inserts, drawers, and anything else that you’d want in a closet. Because it’s custom, your wardrobe can be as space conscious or expansive as you want.

The Dimensions Fit Your Space and Closet Storage Needs

It’s hard to find any bedroom furniture that really fits your storage needs. Dressers might be too shallow, and chests of drawers might be too tall. And that doesn’t begin to touch on the problems that come with finding ready-made closet solutions for tiny or odd-shaped closets.

A wardrobe from the Closet Works works the way that you need it to. If you have an abundance of clothing that you prefer to hang, you can have plenty of hanging bars. If drawers are what you want, we’ll design those into the wardrobe, too. Think of a wardrobe as a closet that’s outside the closet. Anything that you’d find in a reach-in or walk-in, you can have in a wardrobe.

It’s the Perfect Alternative Closet System

Some homes have ample closets, but still need more storage space. And some homes need a whole new solution. A wardrobe can complement what you’ve got and expand on it, or it can create storage where none exists. You get what you truly need because our designers come to your home, talk with you, and listen to your specific needs and requirements.

Your wardrobe doesn’t go into production until you’re happy with its design. It’s built in-house to your specifications, then the delivery and setup are handled by our team of installation experts. The only surprise will be how easy the whole process was from start to finish.

You don’t have to keep stuffing tiny closets, and you aren’t stuck with someone else’s idea of what a wardrobe should be. With the Closet Works, you work directly with a designer to turn your needs into a beautiful, highly functional furnishing that performs as great as it looks.

Contact us today and learn about what makes our closet solutions special. We know that one size never fits all.

The Closet Works

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