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What To Expect When Buying A Custom Closet

Your closet is overstuffed and there’s no good place to store all of your shoes—and don’t mention handbags, scarves and jewelry. Rather than spend time each week tidying your closet or reorganizing the shoes that are now in a pile on the floor, you’ve decided it’s finally time to turn to the pros for help building out a custom closet.

Her customized walk-in closet with double hanging rods

A Custom Closet’s Purpose

An organized storage space can bring peace and order to your morning routine because all of your clothing and accessories have a spot where they belong. No more searching in the darkest depths of your closet for 15 minutes for the blouse you want to wear, or spending extra time looking for matching shoes or untangling necklaces. With a custom organization solution, all of your clothing is easy to find and easy to see—if you want it to be.

Custom closets are just that—custom. With the help of a professional Designer, your organization solution is built to your specifications. You can choose open storage with shelves or closed storage with solid or glass doors. The amount of hanging storage you need depends on your wardrobe. The same goes for shoe storage—there are options for flats and sandals, as well as dress shoes. Then, there are colors, finishes and accessories that make your storage solution truly unique.

Womens walk-in custom closet with beautiful marble island countertop

Finding the Company That’s Right For You

But before you can decide on decorative hardware and finishes, you have to find the right custom closet company, which can be a daunting task in and of itself. There are many companies out there, and they’re not all created equal. That’s why we’ve created a guide to help you understand what the buying process should look like. The free guide outlines the step-by-step process to ensure that you have a good experience, and you get a high-quality custom closet at a fair price.

Download You Custom Closet Buying Guide

Custom Closet Process Guide

We hope that you find this custom closet buying guide useful and informative in the process of creating your perfect space. If you have any questions or need additional information feel free to contact us or setup a no obligation free in-home consultation with one our designers.

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