Custom Closet Design

What to Expect During The Closet Installation Process

You’re sure to be excited to have your custom closet or organization solution installed after you approve a design and choose colors, finishes and accessories. Luckily, the process is fast and seamless, and can often be completed in just one day.

The Closet Works Installation Process

Preparing for Your New Custom Closet

Before your custom organization solution is installed in your home, we’ll ask you to remove everything from the room that’s not secured on the walls. You should also move items such as pictures in neighboring rooms that could be shaken loose during the installation process.

If the walls are constructed using drywall, we are happy to remove existing rods and shelves during installation and spackle the holes. And, if you provide touch-up paint, we will paint over the patchwork. If you’ve got plaster walls however, you’ll need to remove any existing organizational system and patch and paint them prior to our arrival. When plaster is disturbed, it typically crumbles and may need to be re-plastered.

If your space needs more than a few touch-ups, please remove everything and paint prior to the install. Your new project will look its best in a freshly painted room.

If there were baseboards in the room when we measured it, please leave them unless your Designer tells you otherwise—we’ve likely accounted for them in the design of your closet. Another thing your Designer will need to know is if you’re adding new flooring or carpeting in the space. This is another detail we plan for in your designs and when we manufacture the material. These projects should be completed before your closet is installed. Don’t worry—our crew will take great care to ensure your floors looks just as nice when we leave as when we arrived.

What Happens During Installation

One of our four crews will be assigned to your project—we don’t subcontract Installers, so the crew that comes to your home has worked extensively with our products and knows the ins and outs of installing a closet or organization solution properly and skillfully.

Your new closet can usually be completely fitted in a day or less; however, sometimes larger or more complex installations take longer. No matter how long, you can rest easy knowing your custom closet, pantry or mudroom is being installed by experts with decades of experience.

During the build, our crew will remove old shelving and closet rods. If the crew is removing wire shelves you’d like to reuse somewhere else, just let us know. We’ll be happy to put them aside for you.

While we work, it’s best if someone is home to answer any questions or make decisions about where, exactly, items such as a valet bar or hook should be placed. If someone can’t be home, that’s okay—just discuss these details with your Designer ahead of time. The crew will complete the construction just as you and your Designer agreed. Any major changes can’t be made during this time.

After the build is complete, the crew will let you know you can begin loading clothes, shoes and accessories into your closet! All that’s left to do then is enjoy your highly functional and beautiful organized space.

If you’re ready to organize your life with a custom closet, reach out to us for a free, in-home consultation.

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