Organized walk-in pantry with center island

Featured Design: Custom Walk-In Pantry

How organized your home is is typically a result of the different systems that you put in place. Just like you organize your time by keeping a calendar or a planner that is specific to you, you can organize your home with systems that are designed specifically for your needs.


This custom walk-in pantry is not just customized, it is personalized. Every family has unique needs, and you deserve an organizational system that meets yours.

Check out these 7 custom design elements to inspire your pantry organization.

Custom kitchen pantry design

1. Adjustable Shelves

Installing adjustable shelves in your pantry gives you an easy way to optimize your space. Set shelf heights for your most commonly stored foods like cans, cereal boxes and bottles. “Skinny” shelves in a tight spot (say behind a door) can hold an amazing amount of boxed and canned foodstuffs.

Custom kitchen pantry design with lazy susan

2. Lazy Susan

Tired of having to awkwardly reach into the back of corner shelves to grab what you need? A lazy susan in that corner fixes that problem and gives you easy access to what you need.

Featured Design Custom Walk in Pantry | Lazy Susan

3. Sliding Baskets

Slide out baskets in various sizes are very useful for storing bulk items such as potatoes and the like or such things as towels, chips and other bagged items, and even paper bags or storage containers.

Featured Design Custom Walk in Pantry | Sliding Baskets

4. Rollouts

Ever knock over everything in your cabinet trying to reach to the back to grab something? Ever find something in the back of your cabinet that expired 8 years ago? Rollouts help eliminate those occurrences by allowing you to easily see and reach anything at the back of your shelves.

Featured Design Custom Walk in Pantry | Rollout Shelves

5. Vertical Storage Slots

Installing vertical storage slots, especially in a unit that rolls out for easy access, gives you the ability to store and retrieve many different items, like trays, serving pieces, cookie sheets and cutting boards, quickly and easily. This element even has a special slot to store a step stool.

Featured Design Custom Walk in Pantry | Vertical Storage Slots

6. Slide-Out Tablecloth Storage

Because there is typically no place in a pantry to properly store your tablecloths they often get shunted off to another closet, on hangers or they get folded up and shoved into drawers where they are not readily visible. Installing a slide- out tablecloth storage rack eliminates that issue and in a relatively small space allows for a great place to store and see your tablecloths while keeping them wrinkle free. This pantry even has a drawer above to store matching napkins.

Featured Design Custom Walk in Pantry | Slide Out Tablecloth Storage

7. Wine Rack

For wine lovers – easily store your favorite bottles without having to stack them on each other. A great option for shelves that are higher up and don’t need to be accessed as often as food shelves.

Featured Design Custom Walk in Pantry | Wine Rack Horizontal

Featured Design Custom Walk in Pantry | Wine Rack Vertical

We hope this featured pantry design has inspired you as you get your home pantry organized! You can maximize the space you have with a custom-designed pantry for your home. Our designers at The Closet Works can help you create functional, personalized pantries that will solve your food storage problems. Schedule a free design consultation today and win the losing battle with your pantry!

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